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Pulse-sating News

by on September 16th, 2010

We all love our iPad for it’s ability to play music, occasional Youtube clips and of course the fun applications on it. There are a variety of apps allowing for a new experience in games, farts, tests, writing and even reading books. What about a brand new reading experience for RSS feeds though? I would like to re-introduce the Pulse RSS reader.

What’s so great about this reader is the ability to view RSS feeds more visually with a picture instead of just a title. With a simple but attractive interface, those using the app will absolutely love this eye-candy. Another main feature is the ability to bring articles offline and read them for those without internet connection. Simply load it up the first time and there it is for you to read. Loading up to 10 articles per feed each time, you can choose to add 5 more posts simply by hitting the heart shaped logo and thus adding it to your pulse.

Of course there are some flaws to a visually appealing idea such as this. Some webpages may not focus on making their RSS feed “compatible” by adding a picture into their posts. This will leave a blank square and sometimes just the title of the article and no content to be viewed when opened under “text” view. Luckily, Alphonso Inc., the company who made the Pulse app, have noticed this as a possibility, they allow reading the full web page natively inside the application itself with a click of the “web” button.

An application well worth a try for $3.99. Read more about the app on the Pulse web page here.

Let me know what you think!

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