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iPad Gift Ideas For the Real Last Minute Shopper

by on December 20th, 2011

Yup. The holiday shipping deadline has passed and you’ve found yourself still without gifts for your favourite iPad owner. Or, if you’re like me, you just abhor standing in long lines in crowded malls. Whatever your reason for neglecting holiday shopping this year (again), let me come to the rescue and give you a few last minute iPad gift ideas that won’t force you standing in line, nor would it miss the big day this weekend.

AppleCare for your iPad

This one should be a no-brainer. At $79 from the Apple Store online, you can pick it up on Christmas Day and have it delivered straight to your recipient’s mailbox with little to no hassle. 3 years of parts and labour protection for the iPad is really the gift that shows you care (about the iPad).



Netflix Subscription for the Video Watcher

Still probably the best streaming video subscription service in Canada, Netflix is only going to get better in 2012 with original Netflix-produced content being added into the mix soon. Not only do you get a wide variety of TV shows and movies on the iPad (with their new version of the app), but it’s cross-platform too, giving you access to the same content on the AppleTV, Xbox, PS3 and your Mac or PC. It’s definitely the best value for the video junkie on the go.

Gift subscriptions start at $7.99 for 1 month up to $95.88 for a full year. Comes with a customizable card you can email or print out. A truly flexible gift, no?


Rdio for the General Music Lover

Until Spotify comes up to Canada, I still think Rdio is the best streaming radio service here. Their music library continues to grow and I’m always impressed with how much it continues to grow every time I log in. From Michael Buble to David Guetta and the latest Glee soundtrack, there should be something for everybody.

While they don’t have specific gift subscriptions (shame on you for not thinking ahead, Rdio!), at the very least you can offer to sign them up and pay for a few months of music on their behalf. Pricing is flexible with pure streaming plans at $4.99 (US) a month and a family streaming + download plan (for up to 3 accounts) at $22.99 (US), it’s a pretty good deal.


iTunes Match for the iTunes Junkie

Ok, Rdio may be pretty good for folks who don’t buy anything through iTunes, but for the rest of us, there’s still iTunes Match. The latest cloud service from Apple allows you to sync your iTunes library up to the cloud and allow you to match your library to the cloud and allow it to be played wherever you are. At $27.99 per year, it’ll be cheaper than an Rdio subscription, especially if you’ve spent years and hundreds of dollars building up your perfect music library. The service only allows you to upload up to 25,000 files (with a small number of other restrictions), but anything that’s been purchased through iTunes won’t be counted in the limit. Pretty snazzy, no?

Link (FAQ) – purchase through iTunes.

eBooks for the Bookworm

Continuing in the content consumption theme, who can forget eBooks. You can’t really go wrong with Kindle or Kobo books as gifts. Both services have a pretty vast Canadian library and gift card options, so spend a few minutes and browse – I’m sure there’s something that will catch your eye.

Kindle – Link

Kobo – Link

By now, I’m sure you’re seeing a pretty clear trend. Digital subscription and products are your best bet for the late holiday shopper. With so many great options out there, whatever you get (or whenever you make the purchase), your gift will be well received by your iPad lover.

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