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11 iPad applications for Toronto users

by on November 12th, 2010

Looking for Apps that may be useful if you are coming to visit Toronto or if you live there and want to plug into what is going on? The following is a selection of applications that may be useful for your needs. Although some of those applications are designed for the iPhone, they do provide some functionality that could be useful on the iPad and were included in this list.

Free Applications

Toronto Traffic HD An application that display some of the traffic cameras in the Toronto area. Limited mostly to the 401 cameras so many reviews give it limited usefulness but may still be useful for some people. For the 401, this complements the default Map with Traffic turned on, but the traffic information on the default app might be sufficient for most needs.


Toronto Eaton Centre This app is made for the iPhone but works well on the iPad as well. It basically provides the same information that you find on those maps in the shopping center or on those fold out maps you can pick up at customer service. This application is nice to have if you are looking for a specific store in that large shopping mall.


SantaParade Another iPhone app that may be nice on the iPad. The Santa Claus Parade allows you to track Santa’s progress on the parade route. The part is is more appropriate for the iPhone is the “Shake the Bells” portion that allows you to shake the phone and the app makes a bells sound. I wouldn’t start shaking my iPad like that. But the tracking feature is interesting.


Metro Canada, Need your local news fix? This app, designed for iPhone, provides you with some of the local news stories for your city. The feed is linked to the contents of the Metro Newspaper site which is sufficient for a quick overview of the main news stories in town.


thestar.com This is the official Toronto Star application that lets you browse through many of the news stories for that day. What I really like about this app is that you can select the news stories for offline reading. Sync up before you leave for your daily TTC trip and you can read the news at your leisure.


Paid Applications

Toronto parking (0.99$). this app is designed to help you find parking and more interestingly cheaper parking based on your location. I don’t usually drive downtown but I can imagine that this app can pay for itself quickly if you end up saving a few $ on parking at a less expensive location than the one you might have gone to in the first place.


Toronto Map (2.99$), Toronto Map offline (2.99$), <20MB Toronto (1.99$),

These apps all offer an offline map that can help you navigate the city even if not connected to the Internet. These applications may be useful if travelling to Toronto without a 3G iPad.


Toronto Travel Guide Offline (3.99$), Visiting Toronto or want to play tourist in your own city? this is the tourist guide from cityscouter.com that will highlight the areas of interest in the city. Once again this might be useful if you don’t have a local 3G enabled iPad.


TO Mobile (2.99$) This app is meant to provide you with locations of the closest public transit stops and schedules while offline. Doesn’t provide details on the fares and such which might not be very helpful if you are not familiar with the payment methods, but might prove useful in some situations.



Do you have favorite Toronto centric applications that you use?

Share your experience so all can benefit!

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