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Which iOS 4.2 feature for iPad are you waiting for?

by on November 5th, 2010

With more than 100 announced improvements in the latest version of iOS 4.2 for iPad including

  • Multi tasking
  • Folders (for organizing apps)
  • AirPrint (printing)
  • AirPlay (for streaming media to other devices from the iPad)
  • Game center (social gaming)
  • Improved Mail
  • Web page search
  • Etc

users will find a lot of new and improved functionality with their iPads.

The ones I personally anticipate the most are:

  • Folders for organizing my apps and reducing the number of pages
  • Multi-tasking to allow for switching between applications without losing information

I am curious about the Mail improvements since this is one of my biggest issues with the current iPad (no e-mail security when sharing the iPad with multiple users).

So which feature are you looking forward to the most?

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  • Multitasking and folders for me. The printing is going to be useful and save a few steps.

  • Folders, unified inbox, and multiple Exchange accounts are what I miss most between my iPhone and iPad. Multitasking and the rest are nice too, but it’s a business device for me mainly.

  • Aloombox

    Unified Inbox, multiple exchange accounts, printing, and maybe folders. I HATE the fact that the orientation lock button is now becoming a mute one!!!

  • Dwtc

    Tethering !!!!!!! Would be great

  • Omnipotence Paradox

    Folders, airplay, and midi compatibility for me.

  • Reianz


  • macpunisher

    multitasking…i have installed ios 4.2 gm on my ipad and i have folders and airprint but not much else,can it be because i am in canada…plus it slows everything down and when i check my ram it is often as low as 6mb…so i got free memory and it helps…i hope the full version of 4.2 is much better…does anyone have the same problem….thanks…

  • None. Been using 4.2 for other a month πŸ˜› lol

    It’s hard to pick a single feature because 4.2 offers so much from 3.2, performance, unified mail, folders, multitasking, ect. To pick one i would have to say multitasking or folders, it is pretty much the obvious choice for most ^_~.

  • Anonymous

    Multitasking is he biggest for me – then multiple inbox and then folders

  • Wolfshades

    airprint, airplay, multitasking, and folders. Unified messaging looks good too.

    I have another question though – and maybe you’d like to write about this?

    I’ve almost always been a true geek when it comes to gadgets and have always gotten in line to get the first iPhone. Now that I have my iPad, I find I’m just not using the iPhone very much at all anymore. Certainly not for apps. Music, maybe and the occasional phone call. The thing is: I’m still paying $30 a month for the iPhone data plan.

    I’m seriously thinking of giving up my iPhone completely.

    So my question is: has this thought – giving up your iphone to save money, now that you have a better tool – the iPad – occurred to anyone else?

  • As I have mentionned in previous posts, for me, things have happened the other way. Since the iPad is being used as a family device in my home, the iPhone has become the most used of the two tools for me. I prefer the security of having my own e-mail, etc. on there as opposed to the iPad which the rest of the family also plays with and lacks e-mail security. So the post you are suggesting won’t be coming from me at this time… πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Multitasking is a reasonable choose. Airprint is inpossible right now.