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The day my iPad took the back seat

by on October 22nd, 2010

I have a confession to make.

In recent weeks, my iPad has taken the back seat. I just don’t spend nearly as much time using it as I did in the beginning. The reasons are a combination of:

  1. Novelty factor wore off
  2. The iPad purchase was immediately followed by a vacation with lots of time to use it
  3. I finally got an iPhone

Actually, the first point is probably more or less true. It is still a very novel tool, but since I don’t use it for business purposes (yet), I just have less time to use it for fun.

  • Vacation time + a new toy = lots of usage
  • Back to the grind = less usage

Enough said on that.

The most important factor why I think my usage of the iPad has also diminished is my new iPhone. OK, it is newer than the iPad so there is another “novelty factor” to consider here, but as readers may remember from a previous post of mine, the biggest issue I have with the iPad is that e-mail is shared by all users. The iPhone is a personal device as opposed to the family shared iPad.

The size factor also plays a role since the size of a phone makes it well… portable. And as portable as the iPad is, it’s bigger. Size does matter in this case (especially when I was cycling to work this summer). And quite frankly, there isn’t much that I can’t do on my iPhone which I can only do on the iPad…

So, my current biggest use for the iPad?

  • Streaming TV shows I missed
  • Of course some games
  • As a second screen. Referring to other documents on it while working on the computer.

Not nearly as much writing or blogging as I expected on it. I end up using my computer for that.

My kids remain the biggest users of the iPad for games of course and their enthusiasm for using it has not gone down by much I have to admit.

So has anyone else’s iPad taken a back seat? Why? and What do you use it for now?

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  • George

    I use my iPad more and more (even write this on my iPad). Most of the reading that I did on my Mac in the past moved to the iPad and of course entertaiment is an added plus.

  • Greg Hipkin

    The novelty wore off in about a week. I still have to go back to a real computer to do anything productive.

  • Mike

    I use my iPad at work as a PDF reader instead of printing them like I used to, and I’d say I use it for about 90% of my home computing.

    I barely use my iMac anymore.

  • Bitznbytes

    Streaming videos on my network and watching netflix are my main uses.

  • Aloombox

    I am the opposite, I hardly use my iPhone except for phone calls, text and taking pictures. The screen is too small for anything useful like reading, watching videos etc. and I have always never liked the small screen. My iPad is a dream and I love it, the screen size is perfect! Then again, I am woman and it lives in my purse on my commute.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe also because it is still running the older software. Once we get iOS 4 on it the better!!
    Cant wait.

  • shelpike

    I use my iPad everyday. I find the screen too small on a phone to do any reading. I read books, the newspaper, email, facebook, do my online course work, and of course play games. I also text from it. I am fortunate enough to be a woman so I can carry it in my purse. It must be harder for the guys.

  • Gmac

    I will say that since I’ve gotten my iPhone 4 my iPad has taken a backseat. I went on vacation in the beginning of October and all I brought was my iPhone 4. I was completely satisfied, same with last week, I was on another vacation, and all I brought with me was my iPhone 4, and again I really didn’t miss my iPad. I love my iPad especially since it’s the 3G 32GB model. I think I’m leaning more toasted selling my iPad 3G and getting the new MacBook Air 11.6″, and having that and my iPhone. I do have 2 iPhone 4’s. Another point is that maybe I don’t use it that much because it doesn’t have iOS 4 on it yet? I’m not sure but I’ll make my decision by December.

  • I find iPad a great help for my student activities..i think is a great replacement option for eReaders or gaming devices as well