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Poll: How Do You Like Your iPad 2?

by on April 2nd, 2011

The iPad 2 launched in Canada with long line ups and shortages. However, people have still been able to reserve and pick up via Apple.ca. It’s been just over a week now since the launch–are you happy with your iPad 2?

iPad 2 is thinner, faster, lighter, has dual cameras, plus the new Smart Cover is one innovative accessory. I find the iPad 2 screen to be much brighter than the original iPad. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the iPad 2, and I’m using it much more than I was with my previous iPad (read my iPad 2 review here). How do you like your iPad 2 so far?

Poll: How do you like your iPad 2?

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  • Leko2k

    You need a 4th poll option: What freakin’ iPad2? I can’t get one!

  • Good suggestion–added!

  • Denis

    Should also add:

    – waiting to receive iPad 2 that I ordered online.

    Mine is supposed to ship April 15th.
    I’ve received most of the accessories.

  • Nascar Dog

    I love my iPad 2. Faster and lighter than my iPad 1.

  • Dannymark


    If you live in Vancouver, the Simply Computing store on Broadway had the ipad 2 16 and 64 gb Wi-Fi only in stock yesterday afternoon

  • Anonymous

    I am very happy with mine. I picked it up on a recent trip to Vegas. My only complaint is the brutal rear-facing camera – c’mon Apple you should be able to do better than that.

  • Tormedic

    I currently own two IPAD 1st Generations and have since they were released in Canada. I was extremely happy with the original product and was very excited about the 2nd genrealtion till i had one at home…… The upgrade, faster cpu…… thinner, lighter, cameras…… and facetime…

    Well face time was the thing that did it for me… What a great idea… two ipads and a imac at home…… think we could face time from pad to pad or imac to pad….. what a great new way of communicating…

    Till i got it home and found out FACETIME IS ONLY WIFI…..WTF…………. What is the point of that….I pay two thousand dollars for top end 3g models… with the thought of being able to communicate with the family when not at home….. to find that it doesnt work on 3G ??????????????

    So… take away face time… what do you have left

    a thinner IPAD………?
    a lighter IPAD……….?
    a faster cpu……………?????

    Ok its faster the cameras are nice… but how does one justify upgrading?????????

    The original ipad weight is fine.. thickness.. what ever… speed…..i really cant complain…..

    But 2nd Gen what a disappointment…..

    very mediocre upgrade……. very disappointing……….

    As for if its your first ipad…. its as impressive as the first gen but with a Camera!!!

    my two cents…..

    Steve Wilton
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Kevinmatthewroach

    Jailbreak and get My3G. FaceTime anywhere you have 3G.

  • I find I use the new way more than I used the old one. Lighter and thinner makes a huge difference.

  • Wow. FaceTime has never been available over 3G. This should have been no surprise. Once the jailbreak comes out for the iPad 2, that won’t be an issue anymore.

  • Exploratrix

    I’m enjoying dreaming of mine… which is yet to be shipped. Meanwhile I’m collecting apps. 🙂

  • DP

    Backlight bleed.

    Black background + dark room = 🙁

    I miss my old iPad.

  • Jack

    The first day I found that a number of apps bought for the iPad 1 did not work.
    The second day I found that the camera intermittently smeared colours.
    The third day the video electronics crapped out and the screen had an overall blue/green cast.
    The fourth day I returned the p.o.s.

  • Steve Jobs

    You would have no trouble selling or trading it for an old one. Stop whining.

  • Tgknn

    Next time you buy a $600+ piece of technology, do some research. FaceTime has never worked with 3G and likely never will…legitimately. Eats too much data.

  • Spencer

    I love my iPad 2, but I’m suffering the same problem. I’m shipping it back to apple and they will send me a new one though.

  • Redcow

    My3G will drain the battery all the time, beware! Use skype, instead. Works on both 3G and wifi

  • AJ

    Hey Steve,
    If you tether your wifi iPad to an iPhone 4, you will “trick” it into being on wifi, when in reality it’s using 3G.
    Just thought I’d tell you 🙂

  • Vazandrew

    I love mine. This was my 1st iPad and let me tell you it is a joy to hold. A thin profile goes a long way, and the battery really does hold at least 10 hours. I didn’t get it for the cameras so I have no complaints there, and honestly this device would not be your go to for that functionality so I think the quality is fine.

    The faster processor really does shine on complex tasks like audio/video editing, the speaker is clear and the graphics are top notch. I will still go to my desktop for the hardcore stuff but I find myself using it less for routine tasks and even started gaming.

  • Bennie

    I will wait a few months before returning it. When they sort out the production making better quality screen. We have 1year warranty, went to apple store today the genius I can replace it anytime.

  • Anonymous

    Tether it to your iphone then FaceTime all you want.

  • Anonymous

    Also, I wonder if Tango will work, or Skype with camera. There are options.

  • VCapplefan

    I just wanted to say I love my new Ipad 2!!!! This is my first Ipad and I have to say its better than I thought! I bought it the day it came out and I havent put the thing down since. My friends think I have a problem and that im obsessed. I really cant say anything wrong about it. Yes, it’s only lighter, faster and thinner with some cameras, but really it makes a whole lot of difference. If you have seen the new Ipad 2 commercial today that just came out u will get it! Im starting to understand the whole “it’s not just about the specs but its actually about the experience” thing! To me, the feeling of the product and the cool things it does for me on a daily basis makes my experience with the Ipad 2 amazing!!!!! Finally, I just want to say if u have one awesome, if u dont I hope u get one, u wont regret it!!!! Just my 2 cents!

  • Anonymous

    Holy question marks, batman.

    Dont get all nasty if you did not do your research.

    FaceTime has never worked over 3G.

    As for everything else, every single program I open does so with incredible speed. I can have multiple apps open at the same time and, gasp, not have every webpage refresh when I reopen the tab.

    So I appreciate your 2 cents, but for me and others, you aren’t seeing the full picture of the UI.

    Oh, and next time please do your best at restraining punctuation abuse. It’s as bad as writing in all caps.

  • 2wheeledsmurf

    I’m not sure. I want to like it. It’s my first iPad. Bought two opening day after 8 hrs in line. Wife is feeling the same way. I’m actually typing this from my phone! I think I need something in between the iPad and iPhone. Something a bit more handheld. I considered using the iPad as a replacement for my netbook – for motorcycle trips etc. But the iPad is limited for tasks such as map routing and typing is a bit of a pain for me. Perhaps I have to get used to it. 80wpm on the netbook; I’d be lucky to get 30 on the iPad. Browsing the web can be challenging too until websites upgrade from flash. I was also a bit disappointed I couldn’t run a USB thumb drive off it. But I understand the power requirement there. I’m not bashing the iPad. I think it’s a great way to play Angry Birds. Jk. It’s a great tool and will work great for 99% of the target consumer. But for my needs… sadly no.

  • Anonymous

    I love it! I held off the first iPad, and I have been blown away by iPad 2. I was a bit bummed about the lack of Retina Display and that the top storage option is still 64 GB, but really the whole iPad 2 experience had totally exceeded my lofty expectations.

  • Vazandrew

    You would have known about the flash and USB before you got it. If you need to do a lot of typing then connect a keyboard. I was skeptical until I saw the recent keynote and took the plunge. I have relegated my computer to purely hardcore tasks and mostly use the iPad for multi-media projects, email, browsing etc.

  • Drewgo

    I love my iPad , it’s my first one and I’ve been playing Plants &Zombies all weekend …. 🙂

  • 2wheeledsmurf

    Oh I knew about flash. I just hope some of the websites out there get with the program and get away from flash. Sites include auto makers etc – using iPad to browse the new car lineups. Yup, I knew about all about most of what it couldn’t do prior to purchasing. Well we’ll see. Still have 4 days to make up my mind.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    OK, I got one and I love it! I now own an iPad2 thanks to the the Apple online reservation system. On Saturday night at 9pm precisely, I went to the Pacific Centre Apple Store site and reserved a Black 16GB Wifi (all models were sold within 30 seconds!), to be picked up Sunday morning at store opening. After a brief SkyTrain ride, I rode down to Pacific Centre and the iPad was ready and waiting for me. The friendly staff even helped me set up email etc. Seen here is “Brillo” being updated, with a photo of the Apple Store at 10:30 am. (Anybody of a “certain age” will know why my iPad is named Brillo)

  • Chuck

    Looks like you got a little sand in your vagina!
    It does go away with a good rubbing in the shower.
    I agree with the dude that says iPad is great but iPad2 has only slight improvement.
    And Facetime does work over 3G (of course, when you’re jailbroken).
    Oh, and one more thing… The back camera quality is very bad on the iPad2 compared to the iPhone4

  • AJ

    32GB BLACK
    Ordered 25 mar 4:14pdt.
    Come on shipping notice!!!!!
    Yes I’m sure. Yes it’s the iPad not accessories.

  • Josh

    Broke my iPad 2 screen, apple will replace for free, just disappointed after 8 days the screen shattered when my iPad 1 was roughed up for months yet was perfect when sold on kijiji, and to think it didn’t fall or anything, all it took was my strong hand grip on the iPad when running for to catch my bus, still happy with the product, typing this on the iPad, getting rep,cement in a coup,e days! All well