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Top 5 Free Apps for Your JailBroken iPad

by on June 29th, 2010

Have you thought about jailbreaking your iPad? Other than multitasking maybe you’ve wondered if there is any benefit to it. iPad.net has posted what they consider to be the top 5 free apps for your jailbroken iPad. Here is the list of the apps along with a brief description.

0. Cydia

Why zero? Because you get Cydia when you jailbreak your Ipad. What’s Cydia? It’s a little like the app store, it has free and paid apps. The difference? The Apps on Cydia can do things that Apple doesn’t want you to do.

1. SBsettings

This is an awesome app that allows you to turn on and off wifi, bluetooth and 3G. All you have to do is swipe at the top left of the screen and the menu pops down.

2. Backgrounder

This is the app the lets you multi-task. Simply hold the menu button while you’re in the app you want to stay open. The screen reads “backgrounding enabled” and that’s it. In the options you can turn on an icon that tells you what programs are running in the background.


Need an Alternative to Itunes that is free? Check out D-tunes, it might be a little glitchy and ugly and unorganized but it allows you to download and play music and almost any song you can think of. You can also listen to music from it in the background while in other apps (and that’s without backgrounder).  This is probably one of my most used apps, it’s especially nice because it allows you to download audio/video and torrents. This app seriously expands the horizons of what you can do with your ipad.

4. Full Force

Full force is an interesting app to say the least. It changes the app resolution of iphone games to ipad resolution. For apps like facebook this is great but for many games and apps it has some strange and glitchy effects.


It lets you download any videos on youtube and it lets you download them at many different quality levels. If you download in high quality, it can be almost DVD quality on your Ipad.. so it’s pretty amazing.

For a more detailed review of these apps you can link to the iPad.net site here.

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