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SwipeSelection: The iPad Text Editing Concept Becomes a Reality [VIDEO]

by on May 4th, 2012

Earlier we saw a concept video that showed how text editing on the iPad could be improved, created by Daniel Hooper. Now, that concept has come to life thanks to jailbreak developer Kyle Howells. He has created a usable tweak of the concept called SwipeSelection, reports iDownloadBlog:

But it’s one thing to see a demo video, and a whole another thing to actually use a workable version of said concept. Let me tell you, this is what Apple needs to implement in iOS 6. It works extremely well, so much so, that I was totally used to it within minutes. SwipeSelection feels incredibly native, and perfectly natural.

Even better is the fact that Howells isn’t seeking to make any profit off of his concept realization. He plans to submit it to Cydia tomorrow, and will offer it free of charge to the jailbroken masses.

Check out the video below:

SwipeSelection will be free and should be available in Cydia tomorrow. An iPhone version will be available as well. Nice work, Kyle!

[via iDownloadBlog]

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  • Sevael

    And this is why the jailbreak community rocks.

  • This ALONE is a good reason to jailbreak my iPad. Hopefully this comes out for iPhone as well … or even better, gets implemented into iOS6.

  • Yup!

  • An iPhone version is coming notes Jeff from iDB

  • MiguelSmith28994

    Love it, can’t wait to get this on my iPhone!

  • Sevael

    Tried the released product and it needs some tweaking:

    – It’s missing the ability to swipe up and down to move the cursor up and down, as was shown in the original concept video.  Even with two-finger swiping, it is a pain to scroll up several lines when you can only go left and right.

    – When using two fingers to swipe, it types the first letters you press.  This does not happen when swiping with a single finger, so it is likely an oversight.  Not sure how this was missed during testing though, as you can’t *not* type superfluous characters when trying to two-finger swipe.

    – The swipe speed is too slow.  All the author would need to do is add a section in the Settings app with sliders to set independent swipe speeds for one- and two-finger swiping.

    If the above were to be addressed, this would probably be my favorite Cydia tweak ever.