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OSX Lion For iPad

by on October 21st, 2010

With revamped Expose controls, iPhoto, Garageband, and all that other good stuff, OSX Lion and iLife ’11 will definitely be something to look forward to. For those who watched the conference, you might remember the infamous Steve Jobs introducing the new OS as a hybrid of all that’s good on the Mac and the iPad.

Now both you and I know that it’s quite unlikely that Apple will let us have OSX on the iPad, but let’s say it was able to get the OS on there; would it be worth a try?

Size: If you synced a wireless keyboard as well as a bluetooth mouse to the device you basically have a multi-piece macbook air, or an iMac mini.

Processor: With the built-in A1 chip that Apple installed onboard the device, most of the default applications should run on OSX should be able to run just fine. (I use Safari the most on my Mac, so maybe I’m not the best example).

Graphics: This would be where the limitations start to build up. Playing Mac games or running Aperture, will probably not be a good idea due to the lack of a dedicated graphics card. Then again, there’s a bunch of Apps just dedicated for the iPad !

RAM: Multitasking Mac OSX style might not be the best choice, but if they could tweak it in the style of iOS4, this might not be all that bad.

Of course, all the above is just hypothetical and running OSX on the iPad will probably be a bad option, but should it be possible, would you give it a try? What would you be using most on your iPad? Or do you like iOS4 just fine?

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  • Loupetron

    Not at all . . . . I have been a firm believer that tablets that use Finger input must have their own entirely separate interface. The moment you drop down to the standard OS X desktop, it starts to fall apart. Yes, the Full screen app mode would approximate it, but all other apps not designed that way would fail.

    When I purchased my iPad, I originally bought a keyboard for it, within three days the keyboard sat alone on a desk and has never been used for an iPad since. (It’s used on my desktop.) I don’t want a desktop mode for the iPad, I like the concept as it is! To add that mode would add complexity and inconvenience for new users. Which mode am I in? Which interface do I use: keyboard and mouse or touch? When there is only one method, there are no questions.

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  • Rafa

    sometimes i need to do more things on ipad and i cant do it… Like download a photo per exemple and upload this photo in another web system like a website cms…

    i would like to have a osx lion per exemple into the ipad.