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iPad 2 Jailbreak To Boost Install Time

by on June 19th, 2011

According to news from Comex, iOS hacker extraordinaire, he has reportedly improved the time it takes to jailbreak an iOS device. The speed improvements have further eliminated Cydia’s ‘Reorganizing Filesystem’ message by using unionfs instead of the current stashing approach.

If you don’t know, the stashing approach jailbreaks have been using for years– Cydia’s “Reorganizing Filesystem”– involves moving some large directories from the small / partition into the large /var partition, then creating symlinks from the original to the new location.

As indicated earlier, the clear problem with current jailbreak tools is the time they take to apply the jailbreak. By utilizing unionfs, the jailbreak speed is improved.

With unionfs (which was saurik’s idea originally), new files are created in the /var partition, and merged with files in the corresponding directories in the / partition, so no files need to be moved, no descriptors are invalidated, and I think the sandbox code won’t notice what happened.

It seems this new method of jailbreak will benefit all iOS devices and be further implemented into the upcoming iPad 2 jailbreak.

I still remember the old days of jailbreaking, having to physically crack open my original iPhone (2007) just to use it in Canada. Look how far we’ve come!


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