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iPad 2 Jailbreak Possibly Coming via JailbreakMe.com Exploit

by on June 11th, 2011

iPhone hacker @comex has tweeted this afternoon a cryptic teaser, hinting at a possible jailbreak coming for the iPad 2 and iOS 5.

For those who have never tried a JailbreakMe.com jailbreak, it exploits Mobile Safari allowing for the easiest and fastest jailbreak ever, and was available for iPad users on iOS 3.2.1. The downside is the loop holes are usually fixed easily by Apple, so it would make sense for @comex to release a potential jailbreak after iOS 5 final this Fall.

Check out the following image you’ll see when you visit JailbreakMe.com:

It appears the exploit is related to PDF files somehow. Stay tuned, as we’ll be sure to post more details if they arise.

With the beta release of iOS 5, I personally have no need to jailbreak my iPad 2.

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  • Nick

    Just bought my iPad 2 and the sooner a jailbreak comes the better. Mine is wifi only and I would love to use the mywi on demand feature to get Internet tethered automatically from my iphone

  • Anonymous

    You dont need the iPad to be jailbroken to connect to a MyWi Wifi Network, only the device sending out the signals require it… and if you have an iPhone 4, just update it to the latest firmware and use Personal HotSpot.

  • Nick

    I know, that’s what Ive been doing in the meantime, but I’d rather use mywi’s on demand feature which will let the ipad connect automatically to the iPhone when it needs Internet without having to leave mywi or personal hotspot on all the time using up batteies, or having to turn it on and off manually.