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Flash Available for JailBroken iPad

by on July 8th, 2010

If you have a jailbroken iPad you can now run Flash. The brilliant “Comex” has been able to re-engineer the Flash from the Android OS to the iOS. The Flash for the iPad is called Frash and if you have a little patience and a jailbroken iPad you can install it. Rumors have it that the developers of Frash are currently working on making it work for the iPhone 3GS and iOS 4.

Here is how to get your Frash working on the iPad:

1. Download “Frash.deb”.
2. Decide how you’re going to get files onto your iPad. For Mac users just install Netatalk, which will automatically pop up your iPad in the Finder’s Sharing list. Windows users can try out this guide at iClarified to get OpenSSH installed and running and use WinSCP — it’s just as easy. Either way, the login is “root” and the password is “alpine.” 
3. Once you’ve got access to the iPad’s filesystem, navigate to /var/root/Media.
4. Once there, open Media and create a folder called “Cydia.”
5. Open the new Cydia folder and create another new folder called “AutoInstall”
6. Upload Frash to your new folder.
7. Restart your iPad a couple of times.

Try it out by navigating to a web page in Safari with non-video Flash content and hit the “F” logo to play it. There is no Flash video for now (it’s only a matter of time), but games and other simple content works.

For a video demonstration on how to install Frash link here.


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