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The iPad Rumour Mill Needs to Die

by on February 15th, 2011

Oh boy…the rumour mill has been busy this past week, hasn’t it? Not only did we see plenty more speculation of specs for iPad 2, but we also saw plenty of news about the iPad 3 in the works and even a few iPhone mini rumours too! To this, all I have to say is:

Seriously, folks?

How news-starved are we that not only are we obsessed with an unannounced product with unknown specs, but we’ve already begun speculating about its successor? Are we so obsessed over Apple and the iPad that we’ve overlooked how ridiculous this all seems? It just angers me so, and it’s not simply directed at the rumour mill and us bloggers. In fact, Apple carries just as much blame in this case.

Apple: You Need to be Consistent

Unlike last year, Apple has yet to announce this year’s iteration of the iPad. In fact, the only real news we have regarding the 2011 iPad roadmap is the release of iOS 4.3 some time in the near future. Even then, we are still speculating as to when 4.3 will be public available (current guesses right now is around Feb. 28th). Unlike Apple’s product lines with established announcement timeframe, the iPad is still less an a year old, yet it’s already missed the anticipated January announcement around CES and MacWorld. This effectively forces us, the fan community, to continue guessing, clinging on to the little news we have, and mutating it into what we wish the iPad will be this year.

Apple: You Need To Quash Rumours…Now

With so many viewpoints and voices clamouring for eyeballs and ears, clarity is necessary, and it needs to come from Apple. In fact, it is in their best interest! Rumours such as a potential iPad 3 releasing in the Fall is not only confusing, but it can potentially stall sales of new devices as consumers will either wait for the newer device later in the year, or give up and drift over to one of the many new tablets announced in the past weeks. (And really…that HP Touchpad looks good).

Don’t get me wrong, I love iPad news and rumours as much as the next person. It just seems like the rumour mill has spun out of control. A cloud based iPhone nano? Two drastically different iPads releasing in 2011? It just reeks beyond reason, and we need to reel it in. We need to sit back and think about some of these speculations and decide how ┬árational they really are…and debunk them as necessary. At the end of the day though, I could very well be wrong and that all thee rumours could very well be true.

For now though, these are my two cents. What do you think?

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