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The iPad 2 Wishlist

by on November 30th, 2010

The past week has seen a surge in iPad 2 rumors and news hitting even in Canadian mainstream media [including the National Post]. While we’re not expecting actual news till the end of January next year and a US release till April [and late May again in Canada], it hasn’t stopped the speculation of what to expect. Even here at iPadinCanada, we’re somewhat abuzz with the news as well, and with our own wish lists and skeptical comments too. Here, I’d like to highlight a few:

Consider These “In the Bag”

FaceTime/Front Facing Camera

This one really comes as no surprise. Apple’s been integrating FaceTime in all of their premier products including the MacBooks, iPod Touch and iPhones, and the iPad should get the same treatment. The major X-Factor, in this case is the placement of the camera [the long or short edge of the device] or the number of cameras [Apple could easily put a camera on both edges]. What I know won’t happen though is placing a camera on the back. The form factor simply doesn’t support it.

A4 Processor

Also another straightforward prediction. However, there are still some tricks that Apple can have up its sleeves. They can increase the processor speed or even introduce the next generation of the A4 processor. The latter, however, is somewhat unlikely though.

Even Longer Battery Life

Even though the iPad already lasts an inordinately long time, Apple’s simply known to stretch their battery lifetimes to an astounding degree, and we should expect no less for the next iPad. However, how long would the next iPad last? 12 hours? 15 hours? 24? Only time will tell.

Possible and Likely

Retina Display

Despite adoption of the Retina Display in the iPhone, this is one of the few innovations from the device that I simply don’t think would make its way to the iPad. Firstly, I wonder how necessary such a high resolution display is on the device. It already plays HD video and almost all text is displayed very clearly on the screen. The second question is whether manufacturers are able to create a 10″ retina display. Still, Apple may be forced to include this feature simply as a way to compete against the other tablets in the market.

7″ Model

Despite my chagrin against a 7″ device [have you held a Galaxy Tablet yet?], it may still be in Apple’s best interest to create one. For better or for worse, they need a device in the market to go head-to-head in the 7″ market. However, it may turn out to be an orphaned device to that’s just a little more than an iPod Touch and a little less than an iPad.

Possible, but Unlikely

Dual Sided Ports

I’m not sure about the majority of iPad users in the iPadinCanada readership, but I tend to use my pad in landscape mode, and would love it if I can dock the device in that orientation too. However, I’m not sure that Apple would be willing to commit engineering efforts to do so.


With lots of talk about LTE and other 4G data technologies being tested by Rogers and Bell, it would be great if Apple integrated faster data speeds into the next iPad too, no? Unfortunately, Apple’s just had a history of avoiding emerging technologies like USB 3.0 and Blu-Ray into their products, and 4G is no different. They always opt to develop devices that won’t become obsolete because of competing standards [think HD-DVD] and there’s simply still too many questions about which 4G standard will prevail. So, no. I doubt 4G would come to the iPad. Not this time around, at least.

Nigh Impossible

The Return of the Orientation Lock

iOS 4.2.1 spelled the demise of the orientation lock, and despite the backlash Apple has taken from users, I highly doubt it will ever return. It’s rare for Jobs to back down on design decisions, and this will be no different.

USB Ports

Boy Genius Report and a number of other technology blogs [including our very own Ex] have reported that hardware USB connectivity will appear on the iPad. Unfortunately, I just don’t see it. Apple loves their closed-form connectivity. Besides, they can keep selling you Camera Connector Kits for margin gains.

iPhone 4 Antenna Placement

Lastly, we come to Apple’s largest design flop this past year. With slightly more room to play with, I don’t see Apple needing [nor wanting] to copy the antenna design from the iPhone 4 into any future device. However, this doesn’t mean that the form factor would be different from that of the iPhone 4. The iPhone really is a gorgeous device and it would be a shame that the iPad wouldn’t follow suit. One concern, however, is that a full glass back on such a large device would be even more prone to shattering [creating a much larger Glassgate] than it would on the iPhone. Just something to keep in mind.

Rumours aside though, what would the good boys and girls out in iPadinCanada-land like to see in the next device? What would be on your wishlist?

Don’t be shy. Let us know, as always, in the comments below.

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