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Release Of A 7 Inch iPad?

by on October 7th, 2010

Rumours of a 7-inch iPad have been floating around even before the release of the original iPad. However, recently a Taiwanese components supplier is suggesting the possible specifications of the next generation.

According to a Wall Street analyst whom the suppliers spoke to, the new 7-inch iPad (2 times the display size of the iPhone 4) will exhibit a high resolution retina display (1280p) with a camera as well as 128GB of storage. Not only does the new iPad come with the standard jack but it’s speculated to also support a mini-usb or micro-usb port.

As for the new size, it does not seem likely that Apple will discontinue the current size after a full year of development specifically for the 9.7 inch form factor. With that being said, the rumoured 7-inch iPad may be an addition to the current lineup.

What is quite intriguing is the improbability of a 9.7 inch iPad sporting a retina display screen while the rumoured 7 inch will support this high resolution display. Should this be the case, what would pricing be like? Which would be considered the higher end model?

via AppleInsider

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  • I think I would actually get a 7″ iPad, however I don’t think it will EVER have a USB port on it, and the 128GB of storage seems a little high.

  • Anonymous

    I must agree with the USB thing. Flash memory is getting cheaper, so a 128GB will be a possibility. I’m guessing they’ll replace the 8GB or the 8GB + 16GB with a 128GB version.

  • acwinwong

    Personally, I would prefer a 7 inch just for the sake of portability. The 9.7 inch is slim but still a little too big for me in terms of carrying it around.

  • I also think that 7 inch size of the device is more handy to use. And with all these new features the smaller iPad might be really not cheaper than its bigger brother. But let’s wait and see how it will be.

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