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Purported iPad 3 Shell Next to an iPad 2 Reveals Slightly Thicker Design, Larger Camera

by on February 20th, 2012

With a rumoured iPad 3 event set to take place in just over two weeks, next generation rumours are coming in fast and furious. M.I.C. Gadget posts an iPad 3 rumour round up and within the article they have included photos of a purported iPad 3 shell lined up next to an existing iPad 2, plus other tidbits.

The iPad 3 shell has a larger hole for the camera, has a more gradual taper to the edges, and was able to fit inside an iPad 2 case. Moreover, depending on models the design is slightly 1-1.5mm thicker, something we’ve heard before.

M.I.C . Gadget goes on to note the specs of the iPad 3, based on what they’ve heard from sources (they will sound familiar): Retina Display, possible quad core A6 (they feel the ‘A5X’ was probably a prototype), same 16/32/64GB capacities, and an improved camera (maybe 8MP, but unlikely due to high costs).

Check out the pictures below:

Cheaper, Smaller $400 iPad for Developing Markets Such as China and Brazil?

Their sources also bring up the rumour of a possible smaller 7 inch iPad. Take this one with a grain of salt:

According to one of our sources, a sub $400 device with 7-inch screen is in development. The device, excelling in iOS gaming and multimedia, will come with a tapered design seen in the iPad 3. It will be offered with a low voltage ARM processor, a powerful GPU, and a large battery. It will enter into developing nations like Brazil and China, and compete with the smaller tablets.

At this point, the features we can probably place solid bets on would be the high resolution Retina Display, an improved camera would make sense since the iPad camera is horrible (but then again, when was the last time you used the iPad to snap pictures?) and the A6 (something needs to power that new display). Bring on the iPad 3-mania.

[via M.I.C. Gadget]

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