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New Evidence Of 2048×1536 iPad Retina Display

by on June 15th, 2011

New evidence this week points to a future version of the iPad to feature Apple’s Retina display with a resolution of 2048×1536. At this resolution, this rumored display is double the pixels of that on the iPad 2.

A few months ago, various images hit the web that showed app icons double their normal size that they would normally be for a 1024×768 display (the current iPad). At the time, this suggested that Apple was possibly moving into a newer display for the iPad 2. Unfortunately, once the iPad 2 launched it was the same display as the original iPad.

The new resolution evidence is reported by Techunwrapped and the specific find is the Twitter.framework within the iOS SDK shows much larger images than is needed for the current iPad display.

Techunwrapped speculated that because the larger images were included in the Twitter section of the iOS SDK, a feature that is now imbedded system-wide in iOS, this means that iPad 3 could be released alongside, or at least around, the launch of iOS 5.


Thanks Billy for the tip!


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  • Peter

    I hope this really means we’ll see the ipad retina display soon!!! So excited. It’s glaringly obvious the iPhone 4 has much higher resolution than the iPad 2.

  • Pcp2007

    Thats 4x the pixels folks.

  • Red Star

    The iPad 3 shouldn’t come out until spring 2012! I don’t think Apple would do a refresh so soon. I expected the iPad 3 to have a retina display which is percisly why I didn’t buy the iPad 2! If it so happens to come out around the time of iOS 5 there are going to be a lot of unhappy campers! (iPad 2 owners)