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More ‘iPad Mini’ Speculation: Thinner and Lighter Than Its Competitors [PICS]

by on August 15th, 2012

Speculation on the specific size and form factor of the rumoured ‘iPad Mini’ has ramped up, with numerous reports detailing visions of what Apple could release. The supposed ‘iPad Mini’ was reported by iMore to be released in October. Last month both Bloomberg and the WSJ reported a smaller iPad was ready for ‘mass production’, following up on earlier reports from February.

Now, a few reports and mock ups of the supposed ‘iPad Mini’ have emerged. Here’s what 9to5Mac believes:

We received a number of tips over the last few weeks from sources that we have reason to believe hold knowledge about Apple’s plans on the upcoming iPad mini. A reoccurring theme of late is that the iPad mini will “look like a big iPod touch” with smaller bezels along the sides in portrait mode and separate volume buttons and not a “rocker” and a mic on the back.

…and here’s their mock up based on tips received:

Over at iMore, Rene Ritchie notes he believes the next ‘iPad Mini’ will have the thinness of the iPod touch:

Based on several sources, I believe that design to be an accurate representation of what the iPad mini will look like. In addition, it’s my understanding that it will be the exact same thinness as the iPod touch, which is substantially thinner than the 9.7-inch iPad. The quick mockup above shows what I believe are accurate proportions for the iPad mini compared to the 9.7-inch iPad and the current generation iPod touch 4.

Last, but not least, the venerable John Gruber from Daring Fireball with his expert analysis. He believes the ‘iPad Mini’ (or possibly known as the iPad Air?) will weigh 265 grams according to his calculations, and as thin as the iPod touch:

Let’s further assume that weight loosely corresponds to volume. As a basis for this assumption, compare the iPhone 4S and iPod Touch. Let’s estimate volume by multiplying width by height by depth. The iPhone 4S comes to 62,782 cubic millimeters; the iPod Touch 47,073. Divide and you get 75 percent. Now, look at the published weights for these devices: 140 and 101 grams respectively. Divide and you get 72 percent. That’s pretty close to the difference in volume — especially considering that the iPod Touch has a curved back, which means the rough height × width × depth multiplication estimate for its volume shortchanges it compared to the much more rectangular iPhone 4S.

So let’s estimate the Nexus 7’s volume the same way: 248,919 cubic mm. The iPad Mini, based on my best guess hunch dimensions of 200 × 135 x 7.2 mm = 193,680 cubic mm. Divide and you get 78 percent. The Nexus 7 weighs 340 grams, so, let’s guess that the iPad Mini will weigh just 265 grams.

If Apple were to release a smaller iPad, it certainly would make sense to make it lighter. The current iPad strains any hand during one-handed operation. As for the thinner bezels in these predictions above? Makes a lot of sense. After using a new Kindle recently, the feathery light weight of the device doesn’t require an iron grip on the bezels–all I need is to grace the edges to maintain a solid grip. A lighter iPad would become the ultimate one-handed device to win them all.

What do you think? Is there a market for an iPad Mini or does it complicate the product line up? Would you buy one?

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