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iPad + Bell. My First Bill Has Arrived – Debunking the $10k Bill Myth.

by on May 20th, 2010

There has been some buzz about people receiving bills for data use in excess of $4000 for a few days of service. I spent quite a few hours digging through posts and articles to try and locate said individuals to find out exactly what they were billed for. I was confident that they, or the Bell rep screwed up when setting up their Data Only plans.

This morning I have confirmed that there is no way that Bell will charge you extra because you are using an iPad. Bell has no idea what device you’re using when they are billing. They don’t care. They’re already taking your $65/month.

I received my bill today. It was $80. $65 + a little extra because I had a few extra days in my first billing cycle. I was assured today, after speaking with Ma Bell, that I will “Never see a bill for that amount. We would cut you’re service off long before it get’s that high and contact you immediately.”

A copy of the screenshot from myBell.ca, on the left, clearly shows the amount of my first bill. I also went through the details of the billing and saw nothing unusual at all. (Keep in mind that it shows a mobile phone #, however, this is a data only plan. The number is there strictly for management reasons.)

The rep also told me, when you have an issue with you’re bill don’t bother going into a Bell store. They are clueless.

For those of you that have a received a bill for data usage that is higher than the monthly plan you signed up for, you may have signed up for the wrong plan. Or, the agent helping you was a moron, in which case it’s not you’re fault and you should be able to fight it with ease.

For those of you who are interested, my plan details are as follows according to my bill:

Rate Plan: PDA email & Internet 5GB ($65.00) (PDA65N)
Features Inlcuded: Data 5GB (PDA5GCOP), Digital Data to Go (DTS_OP)

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  • Kevin

    I got my first bill today and had a bit of a mix up on mine. I have the Mobile Internet Flex plan for $35 and then was charged a pro-rated Flex plan for $2.33. Then my Data usage was classified as “Mobile Browser Users” for 7MB @$30.72/MB = $216.18 :p So my bill came to $280 instead of the proper $44. I called in and the rep seems to think it had something to do with the pro-rated charge and credited me for that amount. She said it shouldn't happen again but I should keep my eye on it.

    Bell's customer service was very helpful and its all cleared up now 🙂

  • thedigitalinkartist

    Hi Kevin, I had much the same result, with the same plan as you… but my bill was $3900 and change! LOL

    The unbilled usage on my account totals close to another plus/minus $6000! 🙂

    I to had the pro-rated $2.33 which is odd! As Chris mentioned in his post… there must have been an error in selecting my plan!

    I'll have more details tonight regarding my situation… I'll keep everyone posted!

  • Caatnap

    “your using”
    Please learn the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. 'You're' is a contraction for 'you are' and would have been the correct usage for your article.. 'Your' is a possessive adjective showing ownership as in 'your house'.

  • Cameron

    The rep is being dishonest when claiming they would cut off your service before you receive a bill that high. They should, but they often don't.

  • Tom

    I've had a similar problem with Bell recently. For the past 4 months they have charged me an extra $50+ per month. Charging me mobile browser usage instead of RIM data. Had some really poor customer service from them!!! I'm a llitle miffed and have decided that I won't go with Bell for my ipad contract. I'm going to cut the data service portion of my blackberry contract and go with the Rogers ipad plan! Have been using my 3g ipad now for a few weeks and am liking it better than any device I've ever used.

  • jgsaxton

    Chris: How much data did you end up using in the 1month? Is it as data heavy a device as some are saying?

  • Thanks for the grammar lesson Caat.

    I'm well aware of the difference between your and you're. However, when you're rushing to post something and doing it on your iPhone, while driving to work in the morning, the least of your concerns is an apostrophe e. Didn't proof read. Didn't notice.

  • I used 2.8GB of data in month one. Keep in mind I've been doing really silly things like playing 400MB movies with Air Video via 3G. I have also been testing every FTP, RDP and Cloud app that is currently available for the iPad which means transferring loads of data back and forth.

    Overall, I think my usage on the iPad will be roughly 2GB/month as I will be using it much more as a controller for my PC and MAC while on the road and transferring very large files via apps such as DropBox. Currently, my iPhone 3GS usage is about 1GB/month, but that will drop significantly now that I have the iPad.

  • Kevin

    Not sure if this is just a coincidence, but since sometime after I got this billing issue fixed, I haven't been able to get service (“No Service” showing in menu bar). The SIM wasn't moved and is in properly, tried restarting and APN settings didn't change and are set to pda2.bell.ca

    Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble or if its just me.

  • Randy

    Chris, have you heard any update on Bell offering “official” iPad plans? I've been searching daily for into on possible TELUS or Bell iPad plans as I really don't want to go with Rogers.

    I stumbled across this a couple of weeks ago: http://tinyurl.com/2usvyz2 but have heard absolutely nothing since and no other news source, or even blogger, has run the same info.

    Did The Post get it wrong? I would have to believe both Bell & TELUS will be offering plans on their new networks. I emailed both. TELUS just gave the same old corporate speak, “there's nothing available at this time but keep checking our website for any changes in that”. Bell didn't even bother to reply

  • thedigitalinkartist

    Update to my saga! Everything has been taken care of! I got a letter today stating stating bell would take care of my large bills. Called and they gave me a credit of $9948.27 towards my bill! LOL

    I owe them nothing at this point, however they refuse to re-activate my account, nor offer me another plan. I called my local bell agent to inform him i cleared things up, and he told me he would not try to give me any more service!!! hahaha

    Thats the short story… guess I'll have to wait for an offical plan to be released to get a data package!!! Oh well… better than a 10K bill to pay! 🙂

  • Hans

    You shouldn't be posting and driving. It's not safe.

  • I have a contact at Bell who has confirmed that there has been no mention of iPad plans as of yet. Looks like Rogers is our only official option come May 28th.

  • Agreed.lol When it's bumper to bumper traffic I take the chance.

  • Glad to hear everything worked out!

  • Daniel

    why not just wait out until the rogers 35 dollar plan comes active? same amount of data for almost half the price! could of waited a few weeks no?

  • Kevin

    Looks like this is not a myth at all. My first billing incident was followed by a second where 70MB of data resulted in $2532, and the service was suspended. I was told to call Customer Retention and when I did they were pretty certain I was using an iPad (which I didn't deny) and said that it wasn't supported.
    Too bad, the Data was fast and their customer support was responsive. We'll see if they get there act together, but for now I cancelled my plan.

  • Kevin

    Maybe there is another plan that would have worked but according to the people I spoke to at Bell they've seen this problem with all the Data only, USB stick plans :p

  • The myth is real, but here's the deal: If you are planning to use the SIM card from an Internet Stick or other Internet-ONLY device and you use APN pda2.bell.ca, you will be counted for usage at $30.27/MB because THOSE data plans count from APN inet.bell.ca. However, the author is correct in that Bell suspended the line I was using on my iPad for a week when I ran up $4200 of data charges in 7 days and I had to call in.

    The good news is that I have MANY family and friends that work for Bell Mobility and that's how I was able to flush these details out. By doing what the author says, your rate plan will identify you as a PDA user (i.e.: Palm, Win Mobile, Android, etc…) and those 2 features will ensure that data passed through APN pda2.bell.ca are counted towards your data plan (in this case, it will subtract the data used from the 5GB flat that you've purchased as part of the rate pan.