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iPad + Bell. My First Bill Has Arrived – Debunking the $10k Bill Myth.

by on May 20th, 2010

There has been some buzz about people receiving bills for data use in excess of $4000 for a few days of service. I spent quite a few hours digging through posts and articles to try and locate said individuals to find out exactly what they were billed for. I was confident that they, or the Bell rep screwed up when setting up their Data Only plans.

This morning I have confirmed that there is no way that Bell will charge you extra because you are using an iPad. Bell has no idea what device you’re using when they are billing. They don’t care. They’re already taking your $65/month.

I received my bill today. It was $80. $65 + a little extra because I had a few extra days in my first billing cycle. I was assured today, after speaking with Ma Bell, that I will “Never see a bill for that amount. We would cut you’re service off long before it get’s that high and contact you immediately.”

A copy of the screenshot from myBell.ca, on the left, clearly shows the amount of my first bill. I also went through the details of the billing and saw nothing unusual at all. (Keep in mind that it shows a mobile phone #, however, this is a data only plan. The number is there strictly for management reasons.)

The rep also told me, when you have an issue with you’re bill don’t bother going into a Bell store. They are clueless.

For those of you that have a received a bill for data usage that is higher than the monthly plan you signed up for, you may have signed up for the wrong plan. Or, the agent helping you was a moron, in which case it’s not you’re fault and you should be able to fight it with ease.

For those of you who are interested, my plan details are as follows according to my bill:

Rate Plan: PDA email & Internet 5GB ($65.00) (PDA65N)
Features Inlcuded: Data 5GB (PDA5GCOP), Digital Data to Go (DTS_OP)

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