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iPad 2 To Range In The Millions

by on December 16th, 2010

With increasing interest in tablet devices over the second half of the 2010 year, Apple is expecting 6 million units ordered per month of its upcoming iPad 2. With current iPad sales at 4 million just last quarter of the year, the expected number has exponentially increased.

Could it be that there are some features that will be attractive enough to bring about these numbers? Rumours are flying about a ‘definite’ FaceTime (am I still allowed to use the word face?)  camera, and probably not a retina display but a comparably higher resolution screen.

Speculations about a Mac event coming in the first half of 2011, will not only bring about upgraded iMacs and MacBooks, but will possibly be the introduction for the new iPad 2.

While we’re all waiting for the upcoming iPad 2, who will consider getting a new one?

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  • iVictoria

    I’m really happy with the current iPad. I expect the iPad 2 to be better than the first but how much better is the question. Facetime would be nice and a higher resolution would be welcome but if it’s not ‘Retina Display’ how much better will it be? I note here that I have not upgraded my iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4 which has Retina Display and Facetime. These new features would be nice but the 3GS is a solid unit which does everything I ask of it. Same goes for my car. I don’t change it every new model year for the same reason. Perhaps the answer is that once you get something that works well you don’t upgrade it to the newest model until the unit becomes unreliable, obsolete or just plain worn-out or the new unit is just so much better and offers such superior performance that you would be foolish not to upgrade. It doesn’t sound like the iPad 2 will meet those criteria but we won’t be able to tell until the new unit is introduced next summer.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely agree, high five to that! That’s not to say upgrading to new devices isn’t a great feeling, but with the rumours giving such little difference between the two new devices, I might just wait till the next one…
    Still quite happy with the iPad I have right now.