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iPad 2 To Be A Modest Upgrade; Another iPad Due In 2011?

by on February 23rd, 2011

Today iLounge reports on some interesting news in light of the recent Apple-confirmed iPad 2 media event.

The entire internet is expecting Apple to unveil a full upgrade the first-generation iPad, but questions have started to come up about what Apple will be able to show at the March 2nd iPad media event.

In other words, there are doubts that the “iPad 2” shown at the March media event will actually be a complete upgrade and instead may be more of an iPad “1.5”. So the question becomes, if true, when will a true “second-generation” iPad become available.

Two reliable sources are suggesting that next week’s “iPad 2” event has some serious cliffhanger potential – as in, consumers may not see the real “iPad 2” for some time. There’s apparently some truth to the reports of production problems with the new model, and as a result, no one is really sure at this point what Apple is going to be shipping as the “iPad 2,” or when.

As indicated above, the iLounge report hints that Apple could be preparing to release an “iPad 1.5” with a camera and other modest feature updates to carry users through until a more true device update is revealed later this year.

In any case, our sources aren’t sure whether Apple is going to release the iPad 1.5 now and call it the iPad 2, hold off a few months and release something dramatically better, or hold off a few months and release the iPad 1.5. The sources strongly believe that Apple cannot possibly ship enough truly “new” iPads to meet a late March or early April release date. One expects that Apple will only preview the next iPad at next week’s event, then release it widely around June. A price drop for the current model would keep sales flowing until then.

What do you think? Are the claims believable? Can Apple risk releasing an “iPad 1.5” instead of a full iPad 2 upgrade in March?


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