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Could We See iPad 2 and iPad 3 in the Same Year?

by on February 9th, 2011

John Gruber thinks so. With HP’s announcement of the TouchPad, and the Blackberry Playbook coming this summer, Apple could continue to stay ahead of its competitors by having two iPad releases:

So, here’s my guess at Apple’s iPad plans for 2011:

  • An iPad 2, fairly soon. Say, a March announcement, shipping in the first week of April. Faster, more RAM, maybe more storage, thinner and lighter, a front-facing camera.1 Running iOS 4.3.
  • iOS 5, announced at a developer event in March, shipping in June.
  • iPad 3, shipping in September, announced at the annual iPod event. Running iOS 5.1, same as the next-generation iPod Touch.

All I know, is that if history repeats itself Apple will continue to set the current standard for smartphone and tablets. I don’t see WebOS or Android overtaking iOS any soon. Apple is waiting in the wings, waiting for competitors to spill their secrets and once that’s all out there, they’ll make some major announcement that will set the bar high, yet again. iPad 2 is coming very soon. Can you taste it?


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  • Why would this douchebag say this? Just to get some press? Now I don’t know if I should buy the 2 or wait…CURSE YOU!!!

  • Coach83

    IF such an idea/rumour turned out to be true, Apple would 1. Have to justify why buying an iPad 2 is worth it and 2. Have a substantial amount of unhappy/unsatisfied/cheated customers
    BTW.. As an iPhone, iPod and iPad owner. I think it’s time Apple consider redesigning iOS (After 4 phones and 2 iPods, it’s getting a little stale)

  • RT

    You should buy it then. It seems that none of the predictions are actually true. Any dates, rumored so far by all those ‘analysts’ – nothing happens. Design, build and deliver two devices of a same kind in one year? Don’t think it’s technically possible. There will not be an iPad 3 any time soon. Definitely not this year. Let them deal with second version first.

  • ward09

    Just what could they upgrade only 6 months later? If iPad 2 is already going to be thniner and lighter and have more memory and a better processor and graphics, to me it seems the only thing left is screen resolution. I don’t think they can justify another iteration so quickly, simply for screen resolution, without pissing off a lot of people. Now in September if they launch a 7″ iPad with the same internal specs plus a higher pixel density, that’s another story.

  • DG

    Use your head and check out some other blogs!!! Try Mashable or Macworld. There’s no way Apple releases 2 iPads with the same screen size in one year. Not going to happen.

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