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Are These Clues that iPad 2 is Coming Within Two Weeks?

by on February 2nd, 2011

More iPad 2 rumours are coming your way, but this time around it’s nothing but speculation from Business Insider. Dan Frommer points to three “clues” that iPad 2 is heading our way very soon:

First clue: Apple online boss Eddy Cue was mighty suspicious today at “The Daily” launch when he said that Apple will talk soon about new iOS in-app purchasing requirements that it seems to be forcing on Sony, Amazon, and other e-book vendors.

Second clue: “The Daily” launched today without Apple’s iOS 4.3, which will be a required update (to the best of our knowledge) before the “Daily” subscription billing and automatic delivery can take place. As of today, “The Daily” is free during a 2-week launch promotion, sponsored by Verizon Wireless. Is that also a convenient excuse to give Apple a couple more weeks to roll out iOS 4.3? If it were ready to launch today, it probably would have launched today…

Third clue: In two weeks is the big “Mobile World Congress” conference in Barcelona. Apple loves to spoil other conferences by stealing the conversation with its own news. That Monday or Tuesday, perhaps — Feb. 14 or 15 — might be a great day for Apple to steal the show with an event in San Francisco or Cupertino.

Dan’s clues are based on pure speculation, and that’s about it. However, the iPad was announced last year on January 27th. If Apple is to stay within its update schedule, it would make sense to announce a refresh within a year right? We do know that trying to predict an Apple product release is not easy. If anything, you can expect iPad 2 rumours to head into full swing (more so than now).

What we can rule in is that iOS 4.3 final will be released soon, as the third beta has already hit developers.

What do you think? Are these clues good enough to justify iPad 2 coming in a couple weeks?

[Business Insider]

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  • Don’t count on it. I think all 3 of these “clues” are based on faulty logic.
    1. I have no idea why this is viewed as representing an imminent release of new hardware, when it’s much more likely to represent imminent changes to the iTunes Store Terms & Conditions (confirmed today) and/or iOS 4.3
    2. Apple may indeed require 2 more weeks to work the kinks out of iOS 4.3 before it goes live with the update. The new iOS release does not necessarily mean the impending release of iPad 2. Perhaps the iPad 2 will have features that will require iOS 4.4 when it launches later this year.
    3. If Apple were to announce/release iPad 2 on February 14, why would it send special “Buy an iPad for Valentine’s Day” promotional emails this week. Apple’s been burned before by people upset about buying one of their products right before a refresh. I would doubt that they would actually specifically target a gift-giving holiday with its existing product right before launching its replacement.

    Lastly, as a comment to your speculation of an annual timing of the announcement – Apple pre-announced the iPhone at a Macworld event 5 months before its eventual launch as it represented a new product line and they wanted to generate buzz. Subsequent announcements for new models have been much closer to the actual launch date of the updated model. I think we can expect the same pattern with the iPad. The original one announced early to build buzz, with subsequent refreshes revealed shortly before availability.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing the iPad 2 (I’ve been waiting on the sidelines to buy in), but I don’t think we’re going to see it anytime before late March or early April.

  • Drewgo

    Woo Hoo….. I can’t wait…. I just sold my iphone 3G last night and tucked the money away to put towards the new ipad…. 30 months on a Rogers contract was enough for me, even with the buy out of my contract…

    I need a new toy… 🙂