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Will You Buy an iPad or the iPhone 4?

by on June 8th, 2010

With Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 4 on Monday, Canadians were both excited and somewhat deflated. Excited because the new iPhone’s design and features are pretty impressive. Deflated because Canada missed the initial June 24th launch and instead was pushed to the “late July” launch. The ‘Big 3’ carriers have confirmed they will sell the iPhone 4.

Many of you out there have held off on purchasing the iPad to wait until Apple announced their latest iPhone. This post relates to those on the fence about buying an iPad. Now that you’ve read all about iPhone 4, how does that impact your decision to buy an iPad? Carriers will once again rumoured to be charging $199/$299 for the iPhone 4. People who opt to buy the phone outright can expect to pay $599/$699 for the 16/32 GB models. The last time we did a poll on this issue, 46% of votes had people opt to skip the iPad and buy the next iPhone.

After finally hearing about the new iPhone, are you going to buy an iPad or iPhone 4?

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  • what about “both” πŸ˜€

  • Good point. Poll edited. “Both” option added for the fans out there πŸ˜‰

  • chantellejoy

    I selected the “both” option, but it's not showing up in the blog post – here's the link to the Poll if you want to vote “BOTH”


    I was only going to get an iPhone (regardless of what features were announced at WWDC, my 2G wont run iOS4, and iOS4 is *AWESOME*), and surprisingly the Keynote convinced me to get an iPad too. So I'm going to have both and hopefully not regret it. LOL.

  • Haha…nice one. I don't think you're alone! The poll already has 5 votes for “Both”. πŸ˜€

  • As a developer for iPhone/iPad, I have to “have both”. As an user, I could tell you, I don't regret having both devices, since each one fill (in a very well way) specific needs on my personal live.

  • ipadoriphone

    I already bought an ipad, but now I am returning it and will buy the iphone 4, as much fun as the ipad is, the iphone is capable if doing everything the ipad does in a smaller package, don't get me wrong the extra real estate is nice, but carying an ipad for the train comute to work was kind of annoying. also the ipad was causing me to go on the internet all night at home, searching and reading useless information. consumption isn't always a good thing..
    anyway time to return my impulse buy

  • rorypiper

    One is a tablet computer, the other is a smart phone. There's no reason you can't have both! πŸ™‚

  • Xaroc

    Already have the iPad, probably will wait a little after the launch of the next iPhone before I get it.
    Make it an early christmas/birthday gift to myself lol.

  • Cerita

    I have the iPhone 3GS and I want an iPad, the larger screen is better for me, I went to Future Shop yesterday to take a look at it, and now I HAVE to have one LOL! I knew I wanted one, but hadn't really seen it in person. Well, in person it's even more impressive. The dilemma is should I get the Wi-Fi/3G 32GB or Wi-Fi/3G 64? Is the 64 worth the extra dosh?

    When I get my iPad, I think I'll just stay with my 3GS. Not sure I will be going for the new 4, it's great having the two cameras etc. but I think I'll pass for now.

  • Thanks for voting everyone. I did not think “both” would be in the lead! Count me in for “both” as well. Damn you Apple! This is going to be an 'expensive' Apple year. LOL.

  • Already have the iPad and will of course be picking up the iPhone 4 on release in Canada.

  • Mike

    I had a 2G, 3G, and 3GS. Now I have the Nexus One Android. I'm never going back to an iphone. Yes the iphone has a higher degree of integration but my android just does more for me.

    I may buy an ipad but only the WIFI model. I'm done with contracts and I'm done with giving carriers more money to pay for more data that I barely use on my iphone (now android) anyway. I'll simply tether from my android and use some of the data I already pay for.

    New iphone looks nice though, but then again Apple doesn't do ugly.

  • Hyrules

    I dont have a need for a cellphone i have and old motorola razr v3c and it does the job. The only reason is in case of emergency. Otherwise my iPad 3G does the job when i want to go on ther internet. Anyway voice and data place are too pricy for my taste and even the 5 gb plan is still pricy at 30$ + taxes which goes to 40$ when you can get unlimited in the states for the same price.

  • stonee

    Hey ipadoriphone
    I agree with you, when iphone 4(details in ifunia iphone column) isn't unveiled, i want to purchase an ipad, but now i want an iphone 4. just like you.

  • James

    If you can easily afford it and need the space get the 64, I have the 32 and it's full.

    8 standard def movies, 700 songs, 70 iPad apps, 30 iPhone apps, and 900 photos.

  • ML

    iPhone of course. iPad (the current 1st generation) is _utterly useless_ (albeit beautiful and fun) and not worth the price, even if it was reduced by 100$. There are much better slates targeted for late summer/fall release, including those running Android and full Windows 7.

  • William24B

    Great Blog. I see benefits to both the iPad and new iPhone. I've got an iPad and will most likely buy the iPhone by the end of the year.

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  • Momin

    Both. and im 16 … already bought my iPad! waiting for that iPhone 4 to come out … might grab it from the states and wait for an unlock.

  • queen77

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  • Oh thanks, i appriciate that!