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Will Rogers/Telus/Bell Offer a 6GB iPad Data Plan?

by on February 3rd, 2010

With the announcement of the Apple iPad by Steve Jobs, many people were excited and equally “disappointed” with the purpose of the device. Further into the Apple Event, it was revealed that the 3G version of the iPad will be able to subscribe to Pay As You Go data.

What iPad Data Plans Will Be Offered in Canada from Rogers, Telus, and Bell?

We know that Rogers/Fido was the only GSM network in Canada. However, that all changed when Telus and Bell launched their HSPA+ 3G network. That means for Canadians, we will have some choice for PAYG data for the iPad–or will we?

The ‘Big 3’ Carriers have yet to mention anything publicly about whether or not they will support PAYG data plans for the iPad. We do know that Rogers capitulated to pressure and offered a 6GB/$30 data plan for the iPhone 3G in the past. Will we see the mighty 6GB data plan making a comeback for Canadian iPad users?

That is the important question at the moment. We know for sure that WiFi versions of the iPad will be in stores. As for the 3G versions in Canada, they would be useless if there are no cost effective data plans offered from Rogers, Telus, and Bell. Are Canadians going to continue being held ‘hostage’ by paying some of the most expensive data rates in the world?

What do you think? Will we see some sort of iPad PAYG data offering in Canada? Or will we get left in the dust?

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