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WiFi Issues Are Back To Torture iPad Users On iOS 4.3.3

by on May 12th, 2011

According to reports on Apple’s online support forums, many iPad users are reportedly having trouble connecting to WiFi hotspots.

Apparently after updating to iOS 4.3.3, an iPad connected to a WiFi network may start spontaneously dropping connections, repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting, or failing to connect at all.

Other reports point to the WiFi status as being misreported by showing a WiFi connection but not actually being connected. While no permanent solution has yet been identified, the majority of users are doing Network Resets (via Settings) with varying degrees of success.

It is worth pointing out that iPad users are no strangers to WiFi issues, as one of the more popular WiFi problems was with the original iPad, first reported after the device’s original launch in 2010.

Are you having WiFi problems with your iPad on iOS 4.3.3?

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  • thanks for the heads up, i havent encountered the problem yet, but with the problem with my ipad original it could happen anytime soon!

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  • Gunfus

    I have been experiencing them.. is a bit annoying.. but given that is software.. I know software is buggy.. so I just get frustrated and turn off and on the wifi.

  • Alonso

     I was experiencing the same issues and also dealing with them by doing a Network Reset. a couple of weeks ago I called my router’s costumer service line, they advised me to change the security settings of my wireless router to WAP 2 (I think) and ever since the problems with the wifi connectivity are gone!  

  • Eugene Kastanja

    Let me share my problems as follows, in posession of a 64gb ipad with wifi only.

    am running Time capsule extreme which transmits 2 wifi signals on 2,4ghz and 5ghz and given them individual SSID. the Time capsule is based on the groundlevel of my house and for the second story in my house i have extended the wifi signal (mixed b-g-n) to an airport express device in thr master bedroom, while my time capsule 5ghz transmits same b-g-n on the groundlevel but N via 5ghz SSID

    After playing around with the time capsule extreme settings one thing became clear to me. N only 5ghz provides full bars on my ipad2 this is ground floor… once i move up to my bedroom and connect via airport express it picks up N one bar , but my Imac for example connects N but full bars, so does my iphone4 , blackberry , ipad1.

    Conclusion, My ipad2 runs perfectly on N 5ghz fm Apple, but not on 5ghz Dlink dir-655 where there has been solutions to upgrade the firmware to WMM. other deviced run just fine everywhere, and on ALL free hotspots in town.

    The question which many people may be raising is: has apple really fixed the hardware (antenna) to work on apple Wifi N 5ghz devices only and left out most of the thirdnparty branded wifi routers out of the equation.. meaning that a software tweak cannot be developed since yes it is the type of wifi antenna they have developed only supposed to support apple N wifi only? is there anyone out there who can confirm different type of wifi antennas have been found on same type ipad2’s?

    interested to hear…

    a frustrated apple fanatic who left windowd a long time ago and is considering to shift to Android if apple lacks transparancy on the recent wifi problems.