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Walmart Sells A Fake iPad, Then Won’t Return It!

by on February 13th, 2011

This is one of those it’s-so-crazy-I-can’t-believe-it stories.

According to the news report video below, an Atlanta, Georgia man purchased what he thought was an iPad from his local Walmart store. When he gets home and opens the box, he finds that the “iPad” is a fake prop.

The prop looks exactly like an iPad with an identical outer casing, but the device is hollow and the display is just a photo of the Home Screen. In other words, the man was sold a standard in-store fake display iPad!

Naturally, the guy wants his money back, but Walmart is refusing the return because the purchaser could be lying about the whole thing. Walmart is also blaming Apple since Apple reportedly handles their returns.

What probably happened was someone bought an iPad and then returned a fake iPad and got their money back. Obviously this return was never opened or gone through some type of control process.

With not many options left, the man will meet Walmart in small claims court. Crazy.


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  • Zac

    kinda seems sketchy.. there are people out there.. who would switch up an iPad with a fake one and claim b/s like this.. the chances of buying a seal iPad and it being fake.. yehh sketchy indeed

  • Anonymous

    This is a huge part of the reason I buy Apple products from the Apple store.There is no chance of this happening in an Apple store.Look this subject for iPad:http://www.aneesoft.com/tutorials/ipad/index.html you can read more about iPad tutorial.

  • its hard to say. I can buy an iPad tomorrow and say I got a shell too (switching it at my house) then try and return it, when im told no i can file a lawsuit too… its so hard to prove…

    I too had a similar thing happen to me at walmart as well many years ago. I bought a DVD, took it home, unwrapped the DVD, opened the case to find out there is no disk inside. just a box of the DVD i wanted. I returned it and its so hard to prove, but luckily they allowed me to exchanged for the same movie. the girl was so rude to me too “Let me guess… you want a different movie…” Uhh… no… i want the damn movie i paid for lol