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Wait in Line With Us at the Apple Store in Edmonton [Live Blog]

by on March 15th, 2012

We’re hours away from the release of the new iPad in Canada. It goes on sale at 8am at the Apple Store.

I’m waiting in line at Southgate Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m second in line. As of 10:30pm there are about 15 people here. We’re expecting the line to grow steadily through the night, and really pick up closer to opening.

Make sure to keep checking back as I’ll be posting pictures and videos as I wait for the launch of the new iPad.

In the above picture you can see the Apple employees busy getting the new iPad displays ready.


Here is an interview with the first person in line.


We are now 35 strong in the line. How are other lines across Canada or anywhere where else the new iPad is being released?

Friday, March 16th


CTV is here talking with people in line. Of course they all want to talk to John, who was here since noon yesterday. The line is probably about 40 people deep now.

CItytv was here earlier.


Here’s my interview with the third person in line. Second if you don’t count me. Getting closer to the 8am store opening.


The new iPads have been put on the Genius Bar for us to gaze upon.

Now the display units are out. So close you can almost see the retina goodness.


Here is my interview with the fourth person in line at the Apple Store in Southgate.

There are now between 75 – 80 people in line. It’s growing a lot quicker as we near the 8am launch time.


As always, these last few hours before the launch are always the longest. It really feels as though time is dragging along. The lineup at Southgate has ballooned to probably 100+ easily.

So here is the calm before the new iPad storm that’s about to be unleashed at 8am.


Security is now changing the formation of the line. There are just too many people in line right now. It’s almost out the door, so they’ve had to expand the line further into the mall.

We estimate the line has grown to 200+ easily at Southgate here in Edmonton. Wow did it grow quickly.


Only 30 minutes until the release of the new iPad.

Yes, the magical tickets have been handed out. So close now.


I have my two new iPads. The white one is for me, and the back one is for my after-in-law. The Apple Store was handing out cards to people in line, and halfway through they ran out of 16GB White 4G models. So either they didn’t get that many, or those are the big sellers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this live blog of the launch of the new iPad. Stay tuned, I’ll have my unboxing video up very soon.

So did you get the iPad you were hoping for? Did you stand in line? Or did you just preorder? Let us know.

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  • warpdrive

    I’m just going to wait for Ups to bring mine to my doorstep tomorrow. Have fun though.

  • Brianwutang

    Do you have to preorder first to get the ipad.. I would hate to line up and then they tell me that I had to preorder..

  • krismeador

    No, at the stores it’s first come, first serve. No preorders required.

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  • Djwiseguy

    Over at West Ed here, about 30 of us, I’m first!

  • I think the choices are preorder OR line up. The smart ones just preorder and wait for the new iPad to come to them. It gets delivered right to your door! 😛

  • Dezimieren

    So far an hour and half to go and only 60 people in line at the apple store in Newmarket Ontario.

  • Kris Meador

    Awesome. Keep us informed how many people there are.

  • Email4dummies

    how many now?

  • Ugogrl

    how did u get in the mall?

  • Ugogrl

    31 wem

  • Voodoo_ca

    Over in Ontario – I went to the Futureshop at 7:35am and there was 18-20 people in line. When I drove past going to work at 6:45am the parking lot was empty. I think that Staples had even less people. The guy said they had about 50 at the Futureshop and expected them to be gone by the end of the day. Not allowed to sell me an Apple TV until 10:00am…

    Got a White 64GB 4G LTE

  • Genesisfashion

    Just as I predicted.
    Apple stores are the only ones with real line ups.  Media is going to tell the world that there are mad lineups.  but Futureshop, bestbuy, walmart all have stock with no lineups.  I went into Futureshop at 8:30am and bought 2 ipads.  There was nobody in the store. They had tons of ipads left in the cage.
    Then i stopped by a walmart and they had many left also.
    Finally I stopped by an apple store (to try to sell 1 ipad) and the line was 100 long.. lol.

  • xGaary

    Lol first comment with this account and the content is similar to Voodoo_ca’s comment 10 minutes ago. Something smells fishy. Sounds like someone is trying to get people away from the Apple Store.

  • Voodoo_ca

    I am 30-45min away from a true Apple store (Burlington) so that was never really an option for me – I like the idea of getting it from the Apple store, but I dont have the time or concern to drive, stand in a bigger line, and possibly not get one… Futureshop, Staples, Walmart (I didnt even think about that one) are all local for me…

  • GLEN

    I went to the apple eaton centre store in toronto at 10:45am.  No line up.  Plenty of stock.  I was out in 10 minutes.  Why would anyone line up.

  • Chris Lee

    There is no line at MyMacDealer in edmonton, and they had all the ipads when I was there 5 minutes ago.

  • Bill Ahmed

    I went to my local Future shop in Mississauga and they had plenty of stock left and no line up; sweet!

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  • AP328

    Thankfully, I ordered mine as soon as it went for sale on-line and it was delivered before 9 AM today.  No waiting in line, no sleepless night – well worth the effort to order from Apple as soon as it was available (although the did have website issues for about 30 minutes).

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  • Rockstar

    Just walked in Staples and bought a 64 gb 4g 

  • Gordon

    walked into Futreshop at Metrotown at 3:30 and they still had 3 left.  i picked up 2

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  • warpdrive

    They still have units at the Camrose AB Staples. I preordered online and it showed up Friday afternoon. Also, if any of yous collect airmiles…. Whenever ordering from apple, go to http://www.airmilesshops.ca first and sign in. Then there will be a link through the airmiles site to take you to apple.ca. That way you get the airmiles on your purchase.