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Virgin Introduces New Flexi-Data Plan For Tablets In Canada & U.S.

by on March 29th, 2012

With Canada’s ‘Big Three’ carriers Rogers, Bell and Telus already having updated their Flexi-Data plans for tablets around the new iPad’s launch, Virgin Mobile has finally decided to join the club by updating its Canada-only Tablet Flexi-Data Plan (via mobilesyrup). The new plan offers 250MB of data for $15/month which was previously offered at $20/month.

Depending on how much data you use the flex-plan starts of at $5/month for 10MB and increases to $35/month for 5GB (overage is $0.25/MB). Virgin has also decided to block U.S. data roaming on the $5 Tablet Flexi-Data Plan, this was put in place “to protect our border hopping Members from high data charges”.

Alongside the above data plan revamp, the company has also introduced a new Canada/U.S. Tablet Flexi-Data Plan that gives 500MB of data for $45/month and increases to $190/month for 5GB (can be used in Canada & the U.S).

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  • Tmb2

    250Mb of data for a device like the iPad is laughable! Unless you are limiting yourself to text and email, you can burn through that much data pretty quickly!

  • Mark

    $190 for 5GB US/Canada data?  I think I’ll go through the effort of swapping out my sim card when I go across the border to one of the US carriers, but thanks for the great offer!

  • MrBambinoDent

    Anybody got good 4G speeds in Calgary ? I’m with Bell and in downtown Calgary I get only about 8Mbps down and about 25 Mbps up which is ridiculous I really don’t need all this upload speed : )