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Video: Melting An iPad with Blowtorches For a Cause

by on June 10th, 2010

We’ve seen some pretty destructive iPad videos. Take for example the guys with the baseball bat, and the PC World stress test and the Will it Blend guy. People seem to destroy iPads for no apparent reason–until now.

One particular group called Project Green Apple has filmed an iPad being melted with blowtorches. Their message is to support Wintek factory workers (makers of iPhone/iPad displays for Apple) that were exposed to poison n-hexane while cleaning iPhone displays.

While we play with our shiny devices, it’s easy to block out the conditions in which our toys were made. Apple needs to ensure that makers of their products overseas get the best working conditions possible.

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  • Onetrack

    I know, lets protest these being made by waiting until one is made, buying it and then destroying it, thus wasting 500+ dollars which could have been donated to ill factory workers instead.


  • Onetrack

    They never mentioned how many workers fell ill making those acetylene torches they're using. Or that whiteboard, or any of the thousand or so items they've bought in that garage that have been made by chinese workers.

    Who probably fell ill.

    The camera to film this dumb video was also made in a chinese factory, probably the same one.

  • stonee

    I have nothing to say about you!!!! astonished!!!!!!!!!

  • Earthkeeper

    What an excellent point you have made.

  • Kyleg14

    Makes me fucking sick,people are dying to buy a Ipad that can't afford it right not and these clowns are burning them.

    They really all need a good slap in the head

    Why even but it if your going to make a stupid video like that