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Toronto City Councillors Thompon and Shiner Are Latest iPad Adopters

by on March 15th, 2011

We’ve documented the use of iPads by the Saskatchewan Legislature and Ottawa, but the latest iPad adopters are Toronto City Councillors Michael Thompson and David Shiner.

As Councillor expense reports for last year were posted online yesteday, documents reveal Michael Thompson purchased a 32 GB iPad Wifi+3G model along with iPad case on December 22, 2010 from the Eaton Centre Apple Store. Councillor David Shiner bought his 16 GB Wifi+3G iPad with Apple Case from the same store on December 16th, 2010.

The scanned documents revealing these reimbursements of expenses are available on the City of Toronto’s website. Someone forgot to black out the iPad serial/IMEI numbers though.

Do you support City Councillors sporting iPads? The amount of paper being saved would eventually offset the cost, no?

Thanks to @larrylarry for the heads up.

[City of Toronto 1, 2, 3]

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  • MexiCanuck

    I find it remarkable when people applaud the adoption of innovative technology by business and condemn the same approach to efficiency by public officials. (Not that anyone here is likely to do that.)

    I will be buying an iPad 2 as soon as they are available. Our household currently spends $2-$3 per day for newspapers. We can get the same newspapers online free, and with an iPad we will actually do that while we have our morning coffee. And we will have access to other newspapers. In that way alone an iPad will pay for itself within a year.

    If we can achieve that kind of cost-savings and efficiency in one household, imagine what efficiencies can be achieved by businesses or public officials.

  • Colin Longman

    As someone living in Toronto and having to constantly put up with city Council and the Mayor complaining about how strapped the city is for cash, this is completely unacceptable.

    Councillors in this city make just under $100K which is tax payer supplied already – they can damn well use these “personal” funds to buy their toys.

    Save money on paper since they won’t have to theoretically print all those Council documents? Like that will ever happen. They’ve also got the 3G version I see – one guess who’s picking up that monthly tab as well.

    If Council as a whole want to adopt iPads and as a whole get rid of paper entirely, then I’m all for it. If individual Councillors want them, they shouldn’t be allowed to expense them. I could NEVER expense an iPad where I work, regardless of how productive it might well make me. It’s called respect for our customer’s money. Too bad Toronto City Councillors once again prove they have no respect for taxpayer money.

  • 17dewalt

    The GTA has 5.5 million people and two counselors with iPads? I wish! Gander, Newfoundland has 10,000 people and 16 iPads. Go figure! http://www.ganderbeacon.ca/News/2010-10-02/article-1809810/Gander-town-council-goes-paperless/1