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Time, New York Times to Get HTML5 Video from Brightcove

by on March 29th, 2010

One of the biggest gripes about the iPad is the lack of Flash. We have become so entrenched with Flash that without it, the web is just not the same. So with the iPad’s impending launch this Saturday, more and more companies are racing to HTML5 to replace the absence of Flash.

Brightcove Brings HTML5 Encoding for All–Like Time and the New York Times

TechCrunch announced that Brightcove will be serving up HTML5 to deliver video content for major media such as Time and The New York Times. Here’s how it’ll work:

It will take until the end of the year to reach full parity with Flash, but that is his goal. At first, Brightcove videos will play back in a very basic HTML5 player when they detect an iPad. But over the next nine months or so, Brightcove will add the same audience measurement and advertising features available in its regular Flash player. Brightcove will still display the video in Flash when the viewing device supports it, but for the iPad, iPhone, and even Android phones, videos will play in HTML5 and most viewers probably won’t notice the difference.

Sounds pretty good to me. As the adoption of HTML5 increases, this will benefit iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. It looks like Apple is leading this revolution against Flash and over to HTML5. When the iPad launches and more units get into the hands of people, HTML5 will become more prevalent on the web.

[TechCrunch, Brightcove]

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