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The iPad and iPhone Promo Videos That Missed The Cut

by on June 19th, 2010

Part of Apple’s incredible success, aside from making exceptional products is the power of their marketing campaigns. Most Apple product videos illustrate clearly why you should buy their product spoken from the mouths of Apple personnel.

Here are a couple iPad and iPhone promo videos that I’m pretty sure missed the cut on the editing room floor. Sit back and get ready to have a few chuckles starrin Jonny Five, Phill Schilz and Gregg Joswack, Vice President of iPhone Reinventions:

iPad promo:

iPhone 4 promo:

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  • Xaroc

    I have doubts these are real videos by apple lol it looks like a a couple guys throwing a few jokes, that skinny white guy with the short dirty blonde hair. Everytime he makes a comment he ends up looking stupid or trailing off course lol
    In any case was kinda funny 😛 thanks for posting 😉

  • I saw the videos and yes it's all totally biased of course they will praise and say good about their own design product. It's purely marketing genius but how sad they didn't make it on the Television screens.