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Telus Releases iPad 3G Data Plans?

by on May 28th, 2010

Update 1: Looks like Best Buy “tickets” indicate a $50 for 5GB plan from Telus. Also, the first month of activation on 3G is unlimited data. Also reports of a $35 setup fee.

Update 2: Click here to read our updated post on the official Telus iPad plans.

Thanks to the guys in the comments for the updates!

Do you have your iPad yet? What model did you buy? If you’re sporting the 3G iPad model, you probably know about the plans released by Rogers and Bell–that are EXACTLY the same prices (*cough* price fixing *cough*). Today Canadians have lined up from coast to coast to get their hands on Apple’s new iPad. Looks like the tech pundits have it all wrong again as sales numbers and iPad fever has taken over the globe. Still trying to find an iPad? Read here to find out where to get yours!

Telus iPad 3G Data Plans Revealed?

Through some digging on twitter, it looks like some possible prices for Telus plans might have been revealed. According to a tweet from palalonde, a Future Shop employee told him early prices indicated $20 for 500MB of data.

If this was true, it could be the middle ground pricing that iPad users in Canada just might be looking for. Rogers and Bell offer $15 for 250MB and $35 for 5GB. Could this be the magic sweet spot? Paying $20 for 500MB seems like a reasonable amount for light surfing that won’t break the bank.

The Highland Telus Mobility store in Nova Scotia sent out the following on Facebook (does “iPad friendly” mean actual iPad plans?):

Today, Apple Launches the iPad. If your planning on buying a 3G model, be sure and come see us, TELUS has iPad friendly Data packages available today.

Of course, sometimes carriers are slow to release news. This is what happened when AltavistaGoogle tried to search for “iPad” on the Telus website, which he titled “Telus iPad Fail”:

Did Telus miss the memo on the iPad launch? Or do you think they are waiting to see how Canadians react to the Rogers/Bell iPad plans? More as this story develops…

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  • BlackberryQueen

    I just got off the phone with Telus and confirmed $20/500MB for their iPad plan and free activation today. Awesome deal.

  • Randy

    I queued at the Toronto Eaton Centre at about 6:15am this morning. There were maybe 40-50 people ahead of me.

    The Apple store treated us to Timmie's coffee and doughnuts and all in all, it was a fun experience. I wasn't prepared to camp overnight, or wait half a day, but a couple of hours in line with some very friendly folks was pleasant enough.

    I couldn't believe how many Apple Store staff there were! When they did the run around high-fiving customers, it seemed like there was no end. Had to have been close on 100 staff there. Later, it made sense as every customer was personally escorted in by an Apple Staff member who got them their iPad and set it up. Again, all very friendly and pleasant.

    I got the 64GB 3G version choosing Bell as my carrier. I went straight to work afterwards so haven't had a real chance to play with it. I can't wait to get home and synch it up with my iTunes!!

    I know a lot of people just don't get the fuss over things like this, and there are some pretty nasty comments in the Star's article on the launch, but you know what? It's my money. I worked hard for it, and if I choose to spend it on an iPad or anything else, you have no say in it unless you want to start subsidizing my life in return for be able to tell me what to do. 🙂

  • Kris

    Do the Telus stores have the sim cards then. Because Apple stores did not.

  • 500Mb seems to be the sweet spot for the iPhone for most, but I suspect the iPad will want more if one uses it to browse more media-rich sites.

  • How is this a great deal? Most of us are already paying these companies for data plans on our phones, and we're not allowed to use them on the iPad despite allowing us to tether free of charge… Just because this is less insane than the collusion going on between Bell & Telus, doesn't mean this is an awesome deal, or just what Canadiens are looking for.

  • guest

    My dealership didn't have any last night when I was at work. I'm not there today to confirm if they arrived today or not. Also nothing on Telus's Partners site (yet) about iPad plans.

  • TeenWolf

    Telusmobility wants $50 for 5gb. It's on the best buy ticket they hand you to buy the ipad. I swear they came out with such an outrages price just to say hey look we're not price fixing. But if they really wanted to prove it they would have tried to compete for our business not say go fuck yourself. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. People looked at me like what's wrong with this guy.

  • Robin

    My iPad is on a Fedex truck in Cambridge, Ont. and I am expecting it to be delivered to my office this afternoon.
    It was in Memphis this morning and did not look like the iPad would be here until Monday. Sounds like Fedex pulled out all the stops. Good on 'em!

  • Robin

    Received the iPad via Fedex around 9:30am, been to 4 Rogers stores and no one has micro sims. Time to check Telus and Bell.

  • Francois

    i just picked up a telus microsim from futureshop. The microsim was free as long as it was activated in the store. So I fired up the $20/month 500 meg plan to try it for a month. The bonus is that the first month is actually unlimited data.

  • Francois

    one thing I haven't figured out yet is how to manage the 3g account from telus. With AT&T there was a 'Account' link in the iPad settings in the cellular data area. No such case with Telus.

    5 minutes later…ok i went to telus.com and was able to access things through their website. I signed in to 'My Account' there and linked up the ipad data plan by entering the account number, pin and postal code. The account number was located on the paper that future shop gave me when I activated the microsim and the pin was a number that I chose at future shop during the sign-up process.

  • appDevious

    It's not 500mb…it's 5gig for $20 from Telus and a setup fee of $35. I got it from Futureshop Vancouver.

  • Francois

    as i mentioned in an earlier post I purchased a telus microsim from future shop today. They told me the microsim was free if you activated it in store. What they didn't tell me, but what I noticed when I got home, was that the print-out they gave me mentions a $35 one time setup fee. I was pretty sure that the employee said that there was no activation charge so maybe it won't get charged to my credit card. I'll check my card in a couple days and will report back here.

  • appDevious

    No, there is a one time account setup fee of $35. I confirmed this with Futureshop when I got mine. I think it's to deter you from cancelling because you can cancel anytime. What I haven't confirmed yet is if you cancel and then come back, if you have to pay the $35 again. My guess is you would.

  • toby

    Some iPad info I found out today… I'm from Vancouver, and got my iPad 3G from Seattle a few weeks ago. The only place in Vancouver today that I found who had micro sims in stock and would sell them without an iPad purchase was Best Buy. The cell phone stores, the apple store, futureshop and londondrugs wouldn't sell them separately or didn't have any in stock yet.

    Another little tid bit that some people might find helpful is both futureshop and bestbuy were pushing the telus plan hard to people. I think this is because you actually have to sign up a service agreement with telus and the store probably gets a kickback. With telus, whatever data plan you choose is RECURRING every month. You can cancel at any time but they will charge you another $35 to start it up again. Rogers and Bell are both straight pay as you go plans. If you run out of data, you just buy more. They also don't charge you a set up fee or have a recurring billing system.

  • terryc

    I purchased the Telus Micro Sim from Bestbuy (I purchased my iPad 3G in the US) for 9.99+Tax. I went for the 500mg 20$ per month plan – as it is a sweet spot for me. The only place in Vancouver that would sell the Micro Sim was Bestbuy <period> They were giving them to iPad purchasers as they should.

    I was assured I would not be charged a Telus $35.00 activation fee, that I during the first month I would not be charge for overages. I had to sign-up at Bestbuy (not the case with Bell or Rogers). There is no cancellation fee, in other words I can cancel without penalty. The person who helped me said the NO 35$ activation fee applies for the first activation only and thought maybe it was a launch special – there after she believed it would apply, but didn't know for sure.

    I got the iPad home plugged into iTunes and it download a file to the iPad and I was up and running on the Telus 3G network.

    Best Terryc.

  • MG

    Apple Oakridge mall in Vancouver had bell and Rogers micro sims and did NOT charge $10 like best buy and Futureshop will. You get it with purchase. I pre ordered and got a Rogers m-sim but went to best buy and got the bell m-sim for $10.
    Picked up another 64gb/3G iPad and did not pay the $10 for bell sim at apple store. Also,they took off $30 mobile me family pack as well.

    Btw… Only had 64gb models in stock, others all sold out with possibility of new stock on Tuesday

  • Sounds like you have a great time at the Toronto launch!

    As for people hating on the iPad…that's fine. They can enjoy their Android tablets, or Joojoos. To each their own right? 🙂

  • Sounds like you have a great time at the Toronto launch!

    As for people hating on the iPad…that's fine. They can enjoy their Android tablets, or Joojoos. To each their own right? 🙂

  • Reginald

    Guys, from now on there is no need to sign up for two Ipad microsim plans! A week ago I bought the micro sim adapter from http://www.gomicrosim.com, and now I can use one micro sim card for all apple stuff and other mobile phones. Costs only 4.5 EUR. Really worth it. Should save me 1440$, since now i have no need to sign for another 2 years plan with AT&T. Highly recommend this seller, his price and delivery options are the best so far.

  • Jaime

    FYI: Vancouver Pacific Centre Apple Store now has microsim cards in stock which you can buy as standalones.

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  • Wow, sounds like the Toronto Eaton Centre store was an awesome experience!

  • thanks 4share

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