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Telus Releases iPad 3G Data Plans?

by on May 28th, 2010

Update 1: Looks like Best Buy “tickets” indicate a $50 for 5GB plan from Telus. Also, the first month of activation on 3G is unlimited data. Also reports of a $35 setup fee.

Update 2: Click here to read our updated post on the official Telus iPad plans.

Thanks to the guys in the comments for the updates!

Do you have your iPad yet? What model did you buy? If you’re sporting the 3G iPad model, you probably know about the plans released by Rogers and Bell–that are EXACTLY the same prices (*cough* price fixing *cough*). Today Canadians have lined up from coast to coast to get their hands on Apple’s new iPad. Looks like the tech pundits have it all wrong again as sales numbers and iPad fever has taken over the globe. Still trying to find an iPad? Read here to find out where to get yours!

Telus iPad 3G Data Plans Revealed?

Through some digging on twitter, it looks like some possible prices for Telus plans might have been revealed. According to a tweet from palalonde, a Future Shop employee told him early prices indicated $20 for 500MB of data.

If this was true, it could be the middle ground pricing that iPad users in Canada just might be looking for. Rogers and Bell offer $15 for 250MB and $35 for 5GB. Could this be the magic sweet spot? Paying $20 for 500MB seems like a reasonable amount for light surfing that won’t break the bank.

The Highland Telus Mobility store in Nova Scotia sent out the following on Facebook (does “iPad friendly” mean actual iPad plans?):

Today, Apple Launches the iPad. If your planning on buying a 3G model, be sure and come see us, TELUS has iPad friendly Data packages available today.

Of course, sometimes carriers are slow to release news. This is what happened when AltavistaGoogle tried to search for “iPad” on the Telus website, which he titled “Telus iPad Fail”:

Did Telus miss the memo on the iPad launch? Or do you think they are waiting to see how Canadians react to the Rogers/Bell iPad plans? More as this story develops…

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