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Telus And Bell To Support Apple iPad At Launch

by on May 25th, 2010

Email reports this week have indicated that both Telus and Bell will be supporting the iPad on launch day, this Friday May 28th.

While Telus and Bell have been quiet regarding iPad data plans and micro-SIM cards, various Apple Stores across Canada have been receiving shipments of Telus and Bell microSIM cards.

There are no data plans announced yet from Telus and Bell, but the packages will likely be similar, if not identical, to the Rogers iPad data plans. At this time, Rogers is supporting the iPad with two non-contracted options:

  • 250MB: $15.00/month
  • 5GB: $35.00/month

We can expect Telus and Bell to launch similar packages soon.

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  • The 5GB Rogers plan is actually $35, not $30.

  • I was just going to point that out too. Let's hope for some competition but I'm not holding my breath as this is still about half the monthly cost of any of the big 3's laptop data plans with the bonus of not being stuck with a contract.

  • Typo. Thank you

  • kmphotographer

    As long as the plans are similar, I may try Bell, just to see what its coverage is like. Once my Rogers contract on my iPhone is done – in another year – I'm thinking of making a switch. So I just want to get a feel for Bell.

  • Randy

    Great news! Even if the plans are identical, the TELUS/Bell network provides much better 3G coverage, at least in my travels. Looking forward to an official announcement!

    Any chance one or both might be scared into offering something innovative after the backlash against Rogers for the withdrawal of the share plan? Then again… 🙂

  • thedigitalinkartist

    i wonder if the local bell mobility stores will have the micro sims in stock this week so i can go in a sign up for a plan on friday? i bought mine in the us, so it came with the at&t micro sim, not the bell preinstalled. that'd be no fun if i had to wait for a sim card to be delivered! LOL

  • radovich

    What can we do with “250MB/month”? I want to learn more info like “Tips to Turn iPad Wi-Fi Into 3G”, just want to, maybe some guys in us have tried it!

  • Jailbreak iPhone.
    Install MyWi

  • Randy

    Well, we're less than 48 hours from launch in Canada. If Bell & TELUS are going to launch specific iPad plans, they'd better get on it! …or when they say support, do they simply mean you can buy one of their (outrageously overpriced) mobile data plans? $65 for 5GB?!?

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  • Ian

    Here is my question: Will I be able to switch from one carrier to another if I don't like their service/coverage or am I stuck with the same carrier when I buy my iPad? Basically, is the iPad lock?

  • iPads are unlocked. You can use whichever carrier you like.

  • I highly doubt it. They'll probably be very close or identical to Rogers plans. It'd be awesome if they one-upped Rogers, but I doubt that'll happen.

  • No Canadian iPads have SIMs pre-installed (at least not yet), so it's very likely they'll offer them in either Bell or Apple Stores later this week. Rogers SIMs were offered separately — although they had to be purchased for $0.20 at the same time as your iPad, they didn't come pre-installed.

  • Randy

    Bell just issued a press release. iPad plans identical to Rogers. The exact same deal offered by multiple companies; this is what passes for competition in Canada.

    Oh well, for me at least, Bell's coverage area is better than Rogers, so it's something.

  • Codeman

    Bell announces data plans for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G in Canada

    MONTRÉAL, May 26, 2010 – Bell today announced it will offer dedicated data plans for iPad with Wi-Fi +
    3G in Canada, beginning May 28. All data plans will be available without a contract, providing the freedom
    to activate or cancel a plan at any time. Plans also include unlimited access to Bell Wi-Fi hotspots in
    Canada, including 700 Starbucks locations, at no additional cost.

    iPad allows users to connect with their apps and content in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever
    before. Users can browse the web, read and send email, enjoy and share photos, watch HD videos, listen
    to music, play games, read ebooks and much more, all using iPad’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user
    interface. iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G models are just 1.27 cm (0.5 inches) thick and weigh just 0.73 kg (1.6
    pounds) – thinner and lighter than any laptop or netbook – and deliver up to 10 hours of battery life for
    surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching videos or listening to music, and up to nine hours of surfing the web
    using a 3G data network.*

    “The Bell team looks forward to enabling Canadians to maximize their experience on iPad with access to
    Canada’s best network,” said Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility and Chief Brand Officer for Bell.
    “Bell Mobility offers at least 93% of Canadians access to the country’s largest and fastest network, 4 times
    larger than our major competitor’s and covering more than a million square kilometres.”

    Bell 3G data plans for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G
    Data Monthly Fee
    250MB $15
    5GB $35
    Data plans do not require a term contract.

    For further information on iPad data plans, please visit http://www.bell.ca/ipad. To learn more about Canada’s
    best network, please visit http://www.bell.ca/network.

    For more information about iPad, please visit http://www.apple.com/ipad.

  • Codeman
  • The iPad is unlocked.