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Survey: How iPad Owners Use Their iPad

by on May 18th, 2011

Apple introduced the iPad as a device that lived between the iPhone and the MacBook. After the device launch, many iPad owners did not know what to use the iPad for!

As tablets have become more mainstream, Business Insider has published data from a survey of over 850 users on a range of questions regarding the iPad and how it is used.

The survey revealed the following results:

  • 70% of respondents had only one iPad in the household, 23% have two iPads, and 7% had three or more at home
  • 40% of iPad owners had downloaded between 20 and 50 apps
  • 30% of users had downloaded more than 50 apps, with only 6% paying for none of the apps
  • 87% did not consider an Android tablet before buying an iPad
  • 90% would not consider a BlackBerry PlayBook or HP TouchPad
  • The number of users who own a WiFi-only or 3G iPad is 53% and 47%, respectively
  • 49% of users subscribe to a monthly 3G data plan for the iPad 3G
  • 40% use the iPad as their primary computer
  • The most popular reasons for using the iPad are web browsing (35%), using social apps (22%), watching video (12%), and playing games (12%)
  • The most popular methods of reading news are the iPad are the web browser (38%), a news site’s app (34%), or a news aggregator (28%)
  • 72% of users read e-Books on the iPad

Do you see similarities in the way you use your iPad?


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  • Tony

     That’s a very interesting stats! Thanks for sharing. I do use my iPad for reading and browsing the most (I listen to Pandora in the background as well) and read RSS feeds using Reeder, and play games the least.

  • Vazandrew

    I mainly use mine for reading ebooks, news apps, gaming, productivity (music creation/editing etc) and email.  

  • Drocass

    I only use mine to watch tv at my lunchtime at work with my brother and friend. Other then that i don’t use it anymore. I always have my iPhone 4 on hand which I prefer for any task

  • Thwarth

    I use mine most for taking notes in meetings and reviewing reports. I currently use “quick office pro” (formerly docs to go) but I’m unhappy with it. Does anyone have a recommendation for a productivity app that syncs with Google Docs and Drop Box?

  • Vazandrew

    It’s the reverse for me, I could never use a phone for regular tasks. It’s more suited for email retreival and in quick bursts IMO, usually use my iPad for hours at a time (especially productivity tasks)

  • Drocass

    Heh yes I can agree its very useful, but I always found it cumbersome
    to carry that thing around lol for things at home or the office yes it
    would be a dream to work with. My life style is a lot of traveling and
    public transit such as skytrains to and from Vancouver. Not really an
    iPad friendly environment 😛 it is pretty fun to play plants vs
    zombies on though lol I can’t even count how many hours i spent on
    that game lol

  • Vazandrew

    🙂 I see your point, I guess a laptop would be heavier but still that doesn’t like the ideal environment. 

  • Gerry18

     I showcased my design portfolio via iPad 2 a week ago during my interview.  My thoughts were if this idea was going to be a unique new experience or something that will take away from the whole interview process and turn it to be a distraction. Took the chance and the employer was impressed with how I presented my portfolio. I brought my physical work as a back-up in case they wanted to see my work up close.

  •  i used my ipad to help me with my presentation in university, it provided a 3d view of my product which i had designed

  • mike_1103

    I am also using my two iPads for Home Automation Control. Works great, especially on the iPad 2.