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Strategy Analytics: Apple Has 95% of Tablet Market

by on November 2nd, 2010

According to research firm Strategy Analytics (SA), Apple dominated the tablet marketshare with its iPad from the July-Sept quarter, with an unprecedented 95% control.

Android OS tablets controlled only 2.3% in Q3, but with new offerings coming in the pipeline this could change (such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab). RIM has their PlayBook to come, along with Dell’s Streak. Competition is going to heat up, but I don’t think these companies will match the quality and ease of use of Apple’s iPad.

“The tablet wars are up and running. Apple has quickly leveraged its famous brand, an extensive retail presence and user-friendly design to develop the tablet segment into a multi-billion-dollar global business,” said SA analyst Neil Mawston.

“We expect Android’s share to rise in the fourth quarter as more models, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, enter the market,” the researcher said.

Early reviews have come in for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. TechRadar hated it, while Engadget enjoyed it. Go figure. Consumers will determine if the Tab is worthy or not, although it is pricier than the iPad. One thing is for sure, competitors have a pretty steep mountain to climb.

What do you think will happen in the next 12 months in the tablet industry?


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  • Paul

    Um… isn’t it effectively the only tablet right now?

  • Nope. The Joojoo was launched at about the same time.

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  • ward09

    But where can you buy a Joojoo? You can’t get it at Best Buy or Wal-Mart, and who would buy it without giving it a try in the store? One of the great things about Apple’s presence is that I was able to play with an iPad in Best Buy on Day 1. I think the only way to quickly take a chunk of Apple’s tablet sales would be a decent tablet in the $250-$300 range – kind of the Aser netbook route of aggressive pricing. You can’t compete with the App Store, so you have to seriously undercut the iPad’s price. Since that ain’t happining, Apple should dominate the tablet market for at least the next few years. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for iPad 2.