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Steve Jobs: iPad Won’t Tether to the iPhone

by on March 6th, 2010

We know that Steve Jobs has been known to answer emails sent to him from Apple fans. The latest comes from a fan from Sweden that asked whether or not the iPad could tether to the iPhone. Low and behold, Mr. Jobs replied. Here is Jezper’s email:

I’ll keep it short.

I’m Jezper from Sweden, a long time Apple fan, currently about to replace the very last computer at home with a brand spanking new iMac i7. I’m also awaiting the release of the iPad. However, I have one question:

Will the wifi-only version somehow support tethering thru my iPhone?

Two devices, based on the same OS, with already built-in technology to share one data plan suggests a secondary contract could possibly be redundant.

From the look of your keynote, where the iPad sits well between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone, I was hoping the three of them could interact as seamless as possible.

All the best,
Jezper Söderlund

Short email to Jobs, right to the point. What was the reply he got from Steve? Even shorter! I don’t think it can be any more concise than the following:


Sent from my iPhone

So there you have it. It won’t be possible to tether the iPad through to the iPhone. Thanks for the clarification, Steve!


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