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Steve Jobs at D8 Talks iPad: “We’ve Sold 1 Every 3 Seconds Since Launch”

by on June 2nd, 2010

Steve Jobs was one of the featured guests at the Wall Street Journal’s annual D: All Things Digital conference. Yesterday he talked with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher about a variety of topics including: Flash, how the tablet concept started, and information about the iPad’s success.

Did you know Apple first started with the tablet concept for the iPad, before the iPhone? Yes, that’s right. Check out the following dialogue where Steve Jobs explains the origin if the iPad:

“I had this idea about a multitouch glass display you could type on with your fingers,” Jobs said. “I asked our people about it and six months later they came back with this amazing display. So I gave it to one of our really brilliant UI guys. He got scrolling working and some other things, and I thought, ‘my God, we can build a phone with this.’ So we put the tablet aside and we went to work on the iPhone.”

If memory serves correctly, Apple mentioned they worked for years in secret creating the iPhone, which was launched in 2007. It’s pretty incredible that they had designed a multitouch tablet interface years prior to that. Looking back now, the decision to go with the iPhone first was the right decision. The iPad compliments people who need a “third” device away from their smartphones and laptops.

Check out the following video where Steve really emphasizes that consumers have spoken with their wallets regarding the iPad (it’s near the very end of the video):


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  • stonee

    Apple's multitouch glass display is fabulous!

  • Rock

    I have been a fan of Apple since the 80's. Steve Jobs totally amazes me up to this day. He doesn't come up with gadgets for people to think about it if they need one. He tells people that this is what they need to make their lives easier. This guy is such a pure genius.

  • Bill

    1 iPad every 3 seconds. Is that right? If my math is correct, I think it should be 3 iPads every second.
    Saying 2 months is 60 days so x 24 = 1440 hours * 60 = 86400 minutes * 60 = 5,184,000 seconds.
    Now 2 million iPads / 5,184,000 = 1 iPad sold every 0.385 seconds.
    And then 3 iPads every 1.16 seconds

  • djepsilon

    You got that backwards Bill. It should be 5,184,000 seconds divided by 2,000,000 units which = 1 iPad every 2.59 seconds.

  • Bill

    thanks! i figured steve jobs had to know what he was talking about. i hate math!!!

    at least my math was right – just had it reversed. So i guess sorta right 😉

  • Xaroc

    I've heard from a few places that they sold 1 per 2-3 seconds. My mind still goes to what would the numbers be if they didn't keep selling out lol, I really want to know lol

  • lorand

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