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Second Generation iPad To Feature 2048×1536 Resolution Display?

by on January 16th, 2011

More juicy second-generation iPad display rumors have surfaced!

Until now, the majority of rumors state that the second-generation iPad will not feature a ‘Retina’ display but instead may feature a display of higher resolution than the current iPad. In other words, it has been mostly unclear what the next iPad resolution may be.

The rumor mill states that it would not make sense from a production standpoint to use Retina displays in the next iPad. Instead, it seems that Apple may simply double the resolution of the current iPad (1024×768) to 2048×1536 at a 260 DPI for the next generation model.

This move would be similar to that of the iPhone 4, where Apple doubled the display resolution from 480×320 to 960×640. As seen on the iPhone 4, older apps can run pixel-doubled while native apps will take advantage of the new higher resolution. This information is based on findings by @StroughtonSmith, by way of @Xuzz on Twitter, that Apple may use pixel-doubling for the iPad 2.

Adding some proof behind these rumors, version 1.1 of Apple’s iBooks app may have accidentally included artwork showcasing the pixel-doubling technique. As seen below, the iBook page bookmark icon includes versions for the iPad, the iPhone and the iPhone Retina Display (iPhonex2).

However, the app also includes an additional version labeled “iPadx2”, which has been removed in the latest iBooks updates.

So with all of these high resolution display iPad rumors, we may in fact see a double resolution display this spring 2011!


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