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San Diego School Procures 26,000 iPads For District Students

by on June 26th, 2012

According to a report by 10 News (via The Loop), San Diego Unified School District will procure nearly 26,000 Apple iPads this year, making it one of the largest iPad deployments for K-12 schools in the country. Scott Drossos, Senior VP of Pearson Education believes that iBooks turn reading, writing and arithmetic into an interactive experience. He added that the iBooks allow students to highlight, turn notes into study cards and receive teacher updates. At $370, each iPad will cost the district almost $30 less than retail. The school will buy the iPads through a special funding specifically sets aside for “up-to-date classroom technology”.

Detailing from the source:

“The more engaging the content is, the more the students want to be in there; They want to be reading, they want to be learning,” said Amanda Ferguson, who develops iBooks for educational materials company Pearson Education. 

The iBook versions of textbooks have the obvious benefit of being lighter, more compact and easier to carry. But is there evidence that shows these iBooks can be used to help students learn better? 

“The key is not the technology on its own, not the tools. It’s everything together, put together effectively,” said Scott Drossos, senior vice president of Pearson Education.

Drossos points to a recent study called “Project Red” that shows 90 percent of schools with a comprehensive technology program involving teachers, administrators and a coordinated curriculum reporting better test scores.

SD Unified will purchase $15 million worth of iPads for 340 classrooms. The school officials plan to roll out iPads to 5th-grade, 8th-grade and some high school classes as early as this fall.

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