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[Update] Samsung’s ‘Smart Case’ is a Blatant Smart Cover Knock Off

by on July 18th, 2011

Update: Samsung has spoken out about the Smart Case via their blog:

As a general practice, Samsung Electronics reviews and approves all accessories produced by partners before they are given the “Designed for Samsung Mobile” mark.

In this case, approval was not given to Anymode for the accessory to feature this official designation. We are working with Anymode to address this oversight and the product has already been removed from the Anymode sales website. The product has not been sold.

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” -Pablo Picasso

The above quote from the revered Spanish painter has been used by Steve Jobs before, but now it seems to have come full circle and taken a bite from Apple. Samsung is currently being sued by Apple for copying Apple’s iPhone and iPad designs. Samsung has vehemently denied the accusations.

Now, the latest images from Samsung’s Smart Case for their Samsung Galaxy Tab might have you thinking otherwise. I think the pictures below speak for themselves:

…and for comparisons sake, here’s Apple’s Smart Cover:

Well played, Samsung. Well, played. I bet you watched the following video a few too many times, right?


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