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Samsung Galaxy Tab Is Nearing: End Of The iPad?

by on September 24th, 2010

SamsungMobile just recently uploaded a new clip to its YouTube channel about the new in-the-works Samsung Galaxy Tab.

To all those who don’t know what this is, it isn’t the new Galaxy Vibrant Smartphone that Bell is offering or the rumoured Galaxy Apollo mobile phone that Telus might offer. The Galaxy Tab is an alternative to the already well-known iPad (you probably know what this is since you’re here).

One of the main differences between the Tab and the iPad is the accessibility of a dedicated App store. What’s a smart device without the use of applications? We all know that when running iPhone/iPod Touch apps on the iPad, the graphics are just forcibly made bigger unless the developer decided to revamp their app.

It’s to be noted that W.P. Hong, director of mobile products for Samsung, said “Since we emphasized portability and mobility, our determination was to apply smart phone platform instead of tablet platform.”

Does this mean that they won’t spend much time asking developers to update their applications for tablet sizes? An extra growing pain that Samsung has that wasn’t much of a problem for Apple is the inability to contact app developers directly. With Apple’s structure of everything being done within one company, developers have a much smoother experience than having to go over the hurdles of Google (Android) and again with Samsung (Galaxy Tab).

With all this said though, the video shows the Galaxy Tab as a pretty sweet device. Having an awesome interface, camera, and video calling, the Tab is worth a look at. Competition will only make the iPad evolve into something awesome no? I definitely wouldn’t mind trying one of these Tabs…

Watch the video here and let me know what you think!

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  • I think the main difference between the two tablets is the screen size, and the fact that Samsung Galaxy Tab has a built-in GSM module, while iPad hasn’t. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the end of the iPad. Both gadgets will find their customers.

  • Anonymous

    I definitely think there’s room for both. Android on one hand will allow for more “jailbreak-y” apps where as Apple will provide a larger selection of apps on their own store.

  • porkchop1234

    Impressive demo of Samsung’s new tab. For me personally the 7 inch size is very attractive as an iPad alternative. I need mobility and although the 9.7 inch screen of the iPad is awesome its just to big for my needs. A 7″ screen though might be the sweet spot between an iPad touch and a iPad. One thing that stood out about the video was the demo they did with flash. Maybe I’m being overly cynical but every device Ive ever seen run flash has been buggy and slow. As far as I know the processor of the Tab memory isn’t much different from the smart phones on the market and I highly doubt flash would run as smoothly on the Tab as they depict in their video.

  • Wow! Samsung Galaxy Tab more full featured out of the box than iPad. If priced right and promoted it’s the obvious winner.

  • sammy

    Does this take a Micro SIM?

  • Id1971

    screen smaller.
    made of cheap plastic
    costs more than IPad
    samsung should gets its ambitions aligned with reality
    divide the price by two
    then, may be , it has some chance…
    So far, it looks like a very pathetic effort to get into the game
    besides, the android tabs will be dime a dozen soon, it will become a very commodity-type business
    nobody will care what brand to get, dell or samsung ot toshiba. they will all be android vs apple
    As a result all android tablets manufacturers will get into prove was and have their margins plummet.
    Apple will start losing market share to android for sure, but for lower market share they will get way higher profits.
    Brands always beat commodities in terms of profit margins, and apple has THE brand

  • Anonymous

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that they’ve actually announced the price yet. From what I’ve read, the rumour was between $200-$300 for the 3G equipped model, with a contract, and there would be a WiFi model to follow with no price yet announced. How is that more expensive than an iPad?

  • Anonymous

    There is room for both… with me!

  • this is sammy return and make new line for tablet hope we seen more device and app
    let’s see video on
    Samsung galaxy tab and
    Samsung galaxy tab accessories

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  • Id1971

    you said it yourself – “with a contract” 🙂
    as far as i know, the price of samsung without contract is higher than Ipad’s

  • John

    Where did you read that price it is going on sale nearer $700

  • ward09

    This is where I originally read that the price of the Galaxy Tab was going to be $200-$300: http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/05/samsung-suggests-galaxy-tab-will-cost-between-200-and-400-a/

    Clearly this rumour was wrong and the prices have been set much higher, for both 3G and WiFi models. I actually think think Samsug priced themseleves right out of the competition.