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Rogers Removes $20 Data Bolt-On For iPad, Confirms No Fido Support

by on May 10th, 2010

This morning, Apple officially opened preorders for the iPad in Canada. Customers who preordered will receive the iPad for the international May 28, 2010 launch.

The Canadian iPad prices are as follows:

iPad WiFi

  • 16GB: $549
  • 32GB: $649
  • 64GB: $749

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

  • 16GB: $679
  • 32GB: $779
  • 64GB: $879

Canadian iPad Data Plans Revealed

This morning also revealed the first available data plans for the iPad WiFi + 3G. Rogers Wireless is the first carrier to support the iPad with available data plans and on Apple’s iPad preorder page, the following plans are listed:

  • 250MB: $15/month
  • 5GB: $35/month
  • Add iPad to your existing data plan: $20/month

By comparison with our US counterparts, the 250MB plan is at par but AT&T has a $30 unlimited data plan compared to the Rogers $35 for 5GB. Overall though, not bad. But only if you do not already have a data plan through an iPhone for example.

If you already have a data plan, for example with your iPhone, the best option would be to use that existing data plan. At first, on the Apple iPad preorder page, there was a $20 charge per month that customers could pay to add the iPad to their existing Rogers data plan.

While many were happy about this, I believe iPadinCanada.ca said it best:

Last time I checked, I’m already paying for the 6GB/$30 data plan with my iPhone. Now we need to pay $20 to have another device “use” that same data plan? Sounds like…a great way to make money from customers!

Why would you want to pay an additional $20 month to use data you are already paying for?! This pricing scheme turns your $30 data plan into a $50 charge per month!

$20 Bolt-On Removed

In any case, earlier this morning, Rogers removed the $20 bolt-on option stating it was an error:

Many of you have asked about the shared data plan listed on the Apple website. This reference was an error and is being removed.

So if you do not have an iPhone and want to use the iPad 3G + WiFi in Canada, you have the following two non-contracted options from Rogers:

  • 250MB: $15
  • 5GB: $35

If you were basing your iPad WiFi + 3G purchase on this $20 add-on, how do you feel now after it has been removed?

The Third Option

For those early adopters who grabbed their iPad a month ago and for those who are planning to pick one up at the end of May, there is a third option for iPad data in Canada.

If you already have an iPhone with a data plan, why not just use that existing data plan for free?

By jailbreaking your iPhone and paying a one-time cost of $10 for the application MyWi, users can use their iPhone as a modem to provide internet to the iPad. Not only is this extremely cheaper than Rogers’ $20/month bolt-on, but it utilizes hardware you already have!

For a step by step guide to jailbreaking your iPhone, click here (actually takes about 30-seconds, amazing).

Then click here for a step by step installation guide of MyWi.

No iPad For Fido

But maybe you are on Fido and couldn’t care less for Rogers. Well, good news! Rogers has officially announced information regarding Fido. That announcement:

…the iPad will not be available on the Fido brand at launch.

So, no iPad for Fido. At least officially.

If you are with Fido, you have the following options to get the iPad:

  • Option 1: Get the Rogers non-contracted iPad data plan
  • Option 2: Get a new Fido SIM Card, modify it to fit the iPad, and choose from the existing non-contracted Fido data plans. Currently this applies to Telus/Bell customers as well. See here for information and guides.

  • Option 3: If you have an iPhone with an existing data plan, jailbreak it and install MyWi. See the section above titled “The Third Option” for information.

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  • What about using the AT&T data plan with a Canadian iPad when travelling? Does MyWi work on the iPad?

  • itsmegerald

    It has not been removed from the Apple pre-buy page.

  • itsmegerald

    Just got off the phone with Rogers. They were very surprised to see the rate card still on the site with the $20 bolt on clearly being offered. The link was redirected to management and they went into damage control. The Rogers rep i spoke to said if people bought a 3G based on the $20 bolt on, they need to CONTACT ROGERS and make sure their file is noted as such, in case they end up offering to it people who were clearly misled. So if you did buy on that basis, call Rogers immediately.

  • steve

    Just got off the phone with Rogers and there lost. Not showing the option to “bolt on” so I asked the rep to add a note to my account. Hope this will help when its time to sign up for 3g.

  • itsmegerald

    FYI Just got off the phone with Apple, who maintain the $20 bolt on is definitely a GO. It WILL be offered and anyone who buys a 3G will get that data choice. So go figure.

  • nulzilla

    there's a comment from @RogersMary on twitter and also in the comments to an article on MacDailyNews.com that says: “…There are no shared plans at this time…” and that the $20 add-on was an error 🙁

    could that at least mean there is HOPE for shared plan in future?

  • razem

    Wow, does Rogers use this as a customer feedback method?? They decide on the day Apples starts presales to remove and option. I wonder aloud is this business practice a by product of Canada historically leaving communications companies with monopolies ?

  • djepsilon

    I wonder if the bolt on was supposed to be added when the next iPhone comes out and Rogers *ucked up and released it too soon? Either way, very typical of crappy Rogers.

  • bleedingblu

    Wow… so typical of Rogers. Does anyone know if all Apple retailers will be selling the iPad on the launch date?

  • Mr. Speedy

    Rogers sucks! They keep doing it over and over again. Why is it they like to shoot themselves in the foot so much?

  • MacVern

    I phoned the Apple order desk and ordered a 64GB with 3G + Wifi. I asked the agent to confirm the $20 One-Time fee for Rogers add on to my existing iPhone cellular data (early adopter of this so $30/month for 5 or 6GB – can't remember as I've never gone over 1GB.

    Just remember to turn off roaming – was dinged over $100 for 14MB in Phoenix in January.

  • Tyler

    My mom works at London Drugs and she says they will have them launch date. I'd assume this applies to all other third-party retailers also.

  • Steve

    I guess we should just do what we all did when the iPhone was release….. remember Rogers announced some data plans and wasnt great…. and people was loud and upset… and before the launch, they added the 6go for 30$ offer…..

    Let's hope they add a new last minute offer 🙂

  • Max

    It was not 20$ per month to add to existing data plan: it was 20$ ONCE

  • Where does it clearly indicate that?

    They didn't clarify it. Rogers fail. Again.

  • Martin

    Rogers, here is what I as a consumer wants:
    I want to use my CURRENT data plan that I have with my iPhons (Fido, 6 GB/month), with my iPad. I don't mind paying a nominal fee, say $5 per month extra, to make this happen. Six GB/month is sufficient to service both. It is NOT going to cost you anything more to have me do this.
    Now you screwed this up. If you truly had competition in Canada, you'd be out of business in a very short while. I am a Fido customer. You basically make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to go elsewhere. I sincerely hope that Telus and Bell come up with plans that will HURT your business, because you DESERVE that.

  • Molsonblue

    First off Yikes!!!… on the data plan… not too happy but maybe Bell, Telus will have a competitive solution…Now you can Jailbreak the iPad.. I can't wait to see the potential of this device …The video earlier posted showing a magic mouse can work on the iPad…. meaning that being able to access the bluetooth of the iPad… Is Bluetooth tethering far off??? For some who do not want to jailbreak their iPhone in Canada, might be able to finally utilize the tethering between the two devices. MyWi is a great program, but it does kill the battery pretty quick compared to a bluetooth tethering. Also a Jailbroken iPad with the camera connection kit can access USB drives, could a possible tether connection be far off? Gizmodo provides a great resource on the Jailbreak…

  • nuka

    miwi works fairly well. The app complains about errors on startup sometimes and I ignore the messages, but it does work ;). I'm not bothering to get the 3g version; with the app, my wifi version works great. Just be aware that miwi uses lots of battery power.

  • applecustomer

    Just cancelled my Ipad 3G with WiFi order and made one for WiFi only. Am disappointed Rogers couldn't have done better…250 MB on an iPad? Give me a break, that would be eaten up in a flash. 5GB limit…why have a limit for that $ cost? I don't expect the competition to do much better. soooo, Hello WiFi and goodbye 3G.

  • Collin

    I asked rogers about that, and they told me you could opt for a roaming option for 10$ a month where your data plan would be available across North America, including Hawaii. So I'd rather call them and have that option added when I need it than switching around different providers.

  • Francois

    Is it too damn much to ask that cellular companies just sell us some f**cking data and stop charging differently for which device we access that data from? I want a 6 GB package and I don't want to be told which device I may or may not use that data from. Anyway, people will figure out ways to circumvent this artificial restriction (eg. jailbreak iphones and use MiWi as mentioned above).

  • unfrozenjon

    I did base my iPad 3G pre-order on the $20 add on. Guess my 6GB/$30 plan is ultimately a waste. I will be using my iPad without 3G until Bell allows it and I will not be using Robbers Wireless for my next iPhone in a year.

  • igzabier
  • May 28th is the launch. Yes.

  • kmphotographer

    Just a quick thought – if the next gen iPhone does indeed use Micro-Sim, same as the iPad, once it's released won't we be able to swap out our sims between devices and use the data as we please? Or is there a way to say lock the micro sim to the iPhone so that it couldn't be used in the iPad and vise-versa?

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  • Mr. Speedy

    The iPad is an unlock device, so in theory yes, you could use your iPhone Micro-SIM in your iPad and be done with it, however there are a few caveat. First, you won't be able to use your phone at the same time, obviously, so you cannot make calls. Second, it is a possibility that Rogers put in place flitering mechanisms to attempt to block your iPad from using your “iPhone data plan” from other devices, although very unlikely.

    So it would be much better if Rogers sactionned and provides a way to “share” your data plan across multiple devices, but yes, it should be doable, albeit a little bit of a pain.

  • LoWd0Wn

    On a full charge how much would the battery be used up for say an hour of Internet use on MiWi?

  • Pummers

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I have the 64GB iPad from the US already, I also ordered a 3G model on preorder from the Canada Store yesterday. I was hoping Fido would have the same $20 bolt on as Rogers did, since I have a 3G + 5GB plan (which I barely use).

    I have been trying to stay out of jailbreaking and working within the 'system'. Now that Rogers has decided to pull the $20 bolt on and not even bother offering any plan with Fido, I have cancelled my iPad 3G pre-order.

    I am also going to jailbreak my 3G iPhone just to get the wifi access point app (which Apple had pulled previously from their App store as well).

    I was pretty sure I was going to get the iPhone 4G as well when it was released but Rogers/Fido and Apple have made it too hard for me to continue working within their systems.

    For Rogers/Fido it was an easy $20 a month to use a service they were already charging me for (that I was underutilizing), and for Apple they lost an easy $900 sale. FWIW, I have used Apple products since the Mac Plus (1985), and I currently have a 2008 Mac Pro with 32GB RAM on my desk. Not going to STOP using the Mac or iPad/iPhone, but my exploration for alternatives to the iPhone/iPad are going to start with Android soon enough, where I wouldn't have bothered before.

    I vote with my dollars and Apple and Rogers better understand what effect their policies have on their customers.

  • wuju

    This confirms the fact that I made a wise decision to simply get the wifi version and forget about the 3G. It's too bad Rogers screws us again.

    Happy MyWi everybody.

  • Sean

    Looks like apple's tune has changed. Called myself today and 'it was never an option maybe it was on a site that looked like ours.' So obviously the rep I spoke to is mis-informed but regardless they are blaming Rogers. Kind of annoyed at the moment.

  • I believe that is not correct. From the way I read it, it was a monthly $20 added to your existing account. So if you paid x amount a month, now you would pay x + $20 a month. So with this in mind, I am not sure why everyone is complaining about the removal of this crappy offer. My guess is that some are thinking it is a one time fee to add the device to your account and share your bandwidth. Don't think that is it.

  • To say their is no Fido support is a bit misleading. Since the iPad is unlocked and no contracts are required and it is not sharing the bandwidth to your existing mobile account, it really does not matter who your carrier is or whether you have a cell phone or not.

    You can just buy the iPad with the Rogers sim card in it. Turn it on and sign up for the data choice you wish. At the end of that month cancel it and then again activate it 3 months later for another month. And so on. What does Fido have to do with this?

  • My theory as to why they removed the 3rd option of $20 is that Apple has advertised that no contract is required. Perhaps Rogers telling you that you can add it to your existing account (which most likely is a 3 year contract) would violate the terms of their agreement with Apple.

  • Exactly. Many had wishful thinking.

  • There is no official ipad data plan with Fido.

  • but so what? I mean Fido is Rogers is Fido. No contract required. So who cares if they are paying Fido or Rogers? What is more important is if other carriers jump into the fray and offer their own plans to compete with Rogers.

  • I know what you're saying.

    But maybe Fido customers want only one bill instead of having to pay two
    separate ones, or prefer Fido customer service over Rogers or any other
    variety of reasons.

    Since the iPad is unlocked, it really doesn't make a difference who people
    go with but everyone will have their own reasons for why they prefer one
    carrier over the other.

    So lets say that you absolutely must be on Fido, well your only option at
    this time is to do something like $30 for 500MB where at Rogers its $35 for

  • Steve

    I just hope if we get upset more and more… Rogers will change the plans like they did with the iPhone andthey added at last minutes the 30$=6Gb plan….. So let's hope….

    Also, if you didnt order you iPad case from Apple yet…. now the site said deliver by June 7… The camera connector by june…. hummmm

  • RC

    Well said,can you send that to the cell companies,please.

  • sai

    ROGERS DON”T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS !! (This is my Kanye statement) + they can eat my shit

  • Habbun

    Just out of curiousity, those people who have (or are going to) switch from 3G to a Wi-Fi only Ipad, does that mean when prices for data plans do come down, you are going to go out and buy a new 3G IPad? To me, that seems kinda silly…
    I don't know enough about the IPads, but I assume there is a hardware difference, meaning its not simply about buying an addon for the IPad to go from WiFi to 3G, you're replacing the whole machine.
    So, rather than going with the Wi-Fi version, wouldn't it make sense to buy the 3G, and wait to activate it until a reasonable data plan becomes available?

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  • Great article. Thanks for laying the options out so clearly and succinctly.

  • rob

    exactly, couldn’t have said it better myself