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Rogers Removes $20 Data Bolt-On For iPad, Confirms No Fido Support

by on May 10th, 2010

This morning, Apple officially opened preorders for the iPad in Canada. Customers who preordered will receive the iPad for the international May 28, 2010 launch.

The Canadian iPad prices are as follows:

iPad WiFi

  • 16GB: $549
  • 32GB: $649
  • 64GB: $749

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

  • 16GB: $679
  • 32GB: $779
  • 64GB: $879

Canadian iPad Data Plans Revealed

This morning also revealed the first available data plans for the iPad WiFi + 3G. Rogers Wireless is the first carrier to support the iPad with available data plans and on Apple’s iPad preorder page, the following plans are listed:

  • 250MB: $15/month
  • 5GB: $35/month
  • Add iPad to your existing data plan: $20/month

By comparison with our US counterparts, the 250MB plan is at par but AT&T has a $30 unlimited data plan compared to the Rogers $35 for 5GB. Overall though, not bad. But only if you do not already have a data plan through an iPhone for example.

If you already have a data plan, for example with your iPhone, the best option would be to use that existing data plan. At first, on the Apple iPad preorder page, there was a $20 charge per month that customers could pay to add the iPad to their existing Rogers data plan.

While many were happy about this, I believe iPadinCanada.ca said it best:

Last time I checked, I’m already paying for the 6GB/$30 data plan with my iPhone. Now we need to pay $20 to have another device “use” that same data plan? Sounds like…a great way to make money from customers!

Why would you want to pay an additional $20 month to use data you are already paying for?! This pricing scheme turns your $30 data plan into a $50 charge per month!

$20 Bolt-On Removed

In any case, earlier this morning, Rogers removed the $20 bolt-on option stating it was an error:

Many of you have asked about the shared data plan listed on the Apple website. This reference was an error and is being removed.

So if you do not have an iPhone and want to use the iPad 3G + WiFi in Canada, you have the following two non-contracted options from Rogers:

  • 250MB: $15
  • 5GB: $35

If you were basing your iPad WiFi + 3G purchase on this $20 add-on, how do you feel now after it has been removed?

The Third Option

For those early adopters who grabbed their iPad a month ago and for those who are planning to pick one up at the end of May, there is a third option for iPad data in Canada.

If you already have an iPhone with a data plan, why not just use that existing data plan for free?

By jailbreaking your iPhone and paying a one-time cost of $10 for the application MyWi, users can use their iPhone as a modem to provide internet to the iPad. Not only is this extremely cheaper than Rogers’ $20/month bolt-on, but it utilizes hardware you already have!

For a step by step guide to jailbreaking your iPhone, click here (actually takes about 30-seconds, amazing).

Then click here for a step by step installation guide of MyWi.

No iPad For Fido

But maybe you are on Fido and couldn’t care less for Rogers. Well, good news! Rogers has officially announced information regarding Fido. That announcement:

…the iPad will not be available on the Fido brand at launch.

So, no iPad for Fido. At least officially.

If you are with Fido, you have the following options to get the iPad:

  • Option 1: Get the Rogers non-contracted iPad data plan
  • Option 2: Get a new Fido SIM Card, modify it to fit the iPad, and choose from the existing non-contracted Fido data plans. Currently this applies to Telus/Bell customers as well. See here for information and guides.

  • Option 3: If you have an iPhone with an existing data plan, jailbreak it and install MyWi. See the section above titled “The Third Option” for information.

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