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Rogers Relaunches Flexible Rate Data Plans For iPad

by on March 14th, 2011

Citing no specific reason, starting today Rogers has relaunched their flexible data plan for iPad. Originally expiring on February 7, 2011, the plan has been extended until September 11, 2011.

The Details

While the existing non-contracted Rogers iPad data options remain in-market, the new flex data options provide customers with additional data choices. For reference, the existing iPad data plans are listed below:

  • $15/month: 250MB
  • $35/month: 5GB
  • Exceeding any of the above data plans requires the re-purchase of a new data plan.

The new Rogers non-contract flexible data offer is a postpaid offer with flexible rate data:

  • $20.00/month ($21.96 in QC) Flex Data: 500MB (if data exceeds 500MB, the customer is automatically moved to the next data plan at $35)
  • $35.00/month ($36.96 in QC) Flex Data: 5GB (if data exceeds 5GB, customer is charged $0.02 cents per additional MB)
  • Plan Code: DSPSRA0BI

Note that the Rogers GRRF (province dependent) is added to the above $20 and $35 prices. Also note that these new data plan options are activated by calling Rogers and not on the iPad device.

Eligibility & Restrictions

  • Eligible for iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets only (not available on Rocket stick and embedded laptops, mobile hotspots, Rocket Hub and PC card products)
  • Rogers Online Protection anti-virus suite and 3 Rogers email addresses are not available with this plan
  • Available for data-only activations.
  • Available to both new and existing business and consumer accounts

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  • Joshua W

    So for $30 I can share my 6Gb plan between iPad/iPhone and for $35 I can have 5Gb for iPad and still have 6Gb for iPhone?!?! Who comes up with this stuff?

  • Asd

    Joshua, we get effed in Canada in terms of voice and data plans. Either way, we have to pay for each individual service.

    The $35 5GB plan includes GRRF which is pretty much the same as your data share plan. Makes no sense. Rogers is not even trying, they know people are willing to pay through the nose for service.

  • Rogers_what?

    Another way not to pay for data share is upgrade your iphone to iOS4.3 and use hotspot so that the ipad can connect to. Doesn’t require a sim card in the ipad. But it does mean you must have your iphone with you at all times and it does drain the battery

  • Kristin

    Sorry, I’m not exactly sure what this means?
    Does this flex-rate data plan require a contract? Or does this replace the data plans available for purchase via the on-device (iPad) interface? I don’t have any plans/contracts with Rogers outside of the month-by-month data I purchase via the iPad. Since the $15/250MB isn’t enough, I always end up buying the $35/5GB plan. I rarely use more than 500GB in a month, so I would love to be able to purchase the $20/500MB if that was an option.

  • Ex

    No contract and the on-device plans are still available.

  • Kristin

    Ah, so this is a contract-based plan. That makes sense. Thanks.

  • Ex

    No. There is no contract. It’s just another plan instead of the usual ones.

    These new ones are just flexible, meaning you don’t have to re-buy data when you run out. The new plan just keeps going but charges you when you exceed the amount given.

  • Kristin

    OK — so, not contact, but it’s not available via the on-device interface? So, I’d have to phone Rogers to activate it vs doing it on-device?

  • Ex

    You got it.

    The regular plans are on-device. The flex plans require a call to Rogers.

  • Kristin


  • Joshua W

    Yeah I’ve been running it with the hotspot feature in 4.3 and that works fine for me. I wont be paying Rogers anything on top of my $100+ iPhone bill.