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Rogers Launches iPad Data Plan Info Page

by on May 7th, 2010

*Update: Rogers iPad data plans have been revealed. Click here*

With Apple announcing the official release date of the iPad in Canada for May 28, 2010, everyone has been waiting and wondering what the data plans will be from the Canadian wireless carriers for the iPad 3G.

In April Rogers announced its intentions to support the iPad with various data options, but provided no further details. iPad 3G owners on AT&T have two plans to choose one, the first being a 250MB package for $14.99 and the second being an unlimited data package for $29.99.

Many have speculated that Rogers won’t release plans even close to what AT&T offers and instead may offer their existing mobile broadband plans.

As we edge closer to the Canadian iPad launch, Rogers has enabled an iPad data plan information page where users can sign up to receive plan related updates. At this time, this Rogers page is the closest data plan information that we have, but check back often as the story develops.

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  • thedigitalinkartist

    I'm using the data only flex plan on Bell mobility for my iPad right now… starts at $35/month… pricey… but I've got internet on my iPad! Very cool!

  • Steve

    Is it me… but it's kinda weird… How can people decide if they buy the Wifi or 3G, if we don't have the 3G plans yet…. the preorder is starting monday….
    WAKE UP ROGERS, Fido or bell…

  • PLeaseeeeeeeeeee good plan PLEaseeeeeeee

  • ggelinasbrown

    Agree Steve. Realistically, potential buyers would have to know now. I would imagine there is some significant pressure by Apple for Rogers to get their plans in order, as it could seriously affect sales, and their business relationship.

  • Brian

    I'm defaulting to the wifi version and use my iphone data through MyWi unless the telcos grab my business with some decent plans. If they don't put out some good plans to make it worth considering the 3G model they will lose customers and money every day after the 10th.

  • Steve

    YESSS it's true… Seriously.. who wants to buy something without knowing what it is 🙂 Let's hope Rogers will make this announcements on monday am… because i doubt they will on the weekend 🙁

  • Grant

    I could see them announcing rates on the weekend. With an event like this, corporate execs won't get a weekend off. That information page is Rogers' way of saying “we have to do something fast.” With the WiFi +3G models selling out fast in the U.S., they have to know there will be huge demand.

  • twilcox

    I think they want us to commit to a 3G iPad before they give us the bad news about their plans. We'll be a captive audience.

  • I could also see them announcing prices on the weekend. Since there will be no exclusivity for 3G connectivity of the iPad, the powers that be have to make sure they know what their competition is going to charge….or they could just talk to each other (collusion) and agree on how much to gouge their respective customers. Since we're in the final moments, it looks like they're all waiting to see who posts their iPad 3G prices first.

    They could just wait to get closer to the actual release date – May 28 – and then Apple will just have sucky pre-order numbers.

  • Francois

    I already picked up a 3G version of the ipad in the US and the reason that I purchased it already without knowing what Rogers/Bell/Telus will offer is that one of the great benefits of the 3G iPad is for when I travel. At the moment when I travel with my iphone I get raped bad by roaming fees. At least with the iPad I will be able to use it on AT&T at reasonable cost when I travel to the US. I already confirmed that this works. All a canadian needs is a pre-paid credit card as AT&T won't let you sign up with a credit card linked to a canadian address. So in general I won't be using the 3G service on my ipad except for when I travel.

  • Grant

    Slightly OT…but what TIME does the Pre-Order start on Monday?

    Anyone know?

  • AppleCustomer

    Well I'm a $200 plus a month customer with Rogers as I got rid of Bell several years ago. I'm happy with Rogers and will give them the benefit of the doubt for their lack of details regarding an iPad data plan. Could very be that the carriers in Canada are still jockeying for a final deal with Apple or remaining silent so as to fix the lowest competitive price. Whatever the case if Rogers doesn't provide the lowest non contracted data plan similar to AT&T's in the U.S. then they will lose me as a customer and all of my cable, internet, homephone & cell business will move to the competition. No wiggle room on this one. The ipad data plan will determine that.

  • Steve

    We're not going to know any plan until end of May…. the iPad is on sale now in Australia…. and if you look clearly… no plan info for the 3G….. but here's the info:

    Does iPad work with any SIM card or carrier worldwide?
    iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G models use a micro-SIM card available from carriers offering 3G data plans for iPad.

    Where can I get a micro-SIM card?
    You can purchase a micro-SIM card from an Apple Retail Store or directly from a carrier store.

    Can I use my current iPhone service plan with the iPad?
    In general, cellular and data plans for iPhone are separate from iPad data plans. Depending on your carrier, you may have the option to add a 3G data plan to your existing iPhone plan. Check with your local carrier for details.

  • Winawer

    I just ordered mine – the plan isn't bad! It's similar to the AT&T plan: $15 for 250 MB, $35 for 5 GB, and there's an option to “add iPad to your existing Rogers plan” for $20/month.