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Rogers Launches $30 6GB Data Plan For Smartphones, Share With iPad

by on July 29th, 2010

Today, Rogers announced that with the launch of the iPhone 4 on July 30, 2010, any smartphone customer who activates on a three-year voice and data contract can choose the Rogers 6GB data plan for $30.

Essentially, this data plan can be added to any in-market voice plan before September 30, 2010. If you are a new or existing wireless customer of Rogers, you are eligible for the $30 6GB data plan.

What makes this plan unique for iPad 3G owners is that if you have a Rogers smartphone with that 6GB data plan, you can share your iPad 3G to the 6GB plan. In other words, your smartphone and iPad 3G can use the same data plan.


Starting July 30, and for a limited time until September 30 2010, customers on a 6 GB plan will be able to share data between smartphones and their iPad 3G for an extra $20/month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee).

The obvious down side here is the extra $20 + GRRF + tax you have to pay on top of the already $30 data plan, but it still may be cheaper overall than having a separate data plan for the iPad 3G and a smartphone.

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  • livininvic

    I'm going to guess that this $20 is NOT a one time fee? It doesn't really specify…

  • HAHA

    20 is too much to even consider it, I may have gone for 10 (even though their 3G network coverage sucks) but no way at 20

  • livininvic

    The $20 is a real shame. I was hoping I would be able to get away from Jailbreaking with MYWI, but at this time… that's still the best option.

    Seriously… free tethering on rogers, but if you have an iPad it's an extra $20? Ridiculous. What about when there are iPad competitors out there. Buy any tablet but Apple's and tether for free. Have an iPad? Extra $20 please.

    At the same time, maybe it costs $20 in ink to print that extra iPad line on your monthly bill.

  • bcb

    glad they officially allow data sharing with iPad, but very disappointed with the price.

    and WTF with the GRRF? it's worth repeating this, here: http://www.virginmobile.ca/pages/en/grrf-wtf/

    I guess Rogers still thinks they are fooling new customers that this “fee” has anything to do with the government. Oh, and since we're already paying the GRRF on our base voice+data plan, this means we pay the GRRF twice if we share THE SAME DATA on our iPad.

    shame on you, Rogers.

  • bcb

    it's PER MONTH. over on redboard.rogers.com a Rogers employee confirmed this.

  • Stephenh

    Have to laugh… Called Rogers this morning… I am waiting for my iphone 4.. no rush will get it when there are no lines and there is stock. I was pissed at the Data plan sharing price for iphone/ipad . So I called. Told them that after 25 years or so of being a customer they can do better than the $20/month extra charge to add my iPad.

    She looks at my account and said wow… your already getting great deals! I can't even get these prices. I laughed. So she said hang on I am transferring you to our special department that handles this situation.

    So I get transferred. Get a super nice representative. She looks at my account. I told her politely, calm and nice that all I want is the same plan as bell. She said fine not a problem.

    So.. Yes I am getting the 6G $30/month plan shared with the ipad for $20.00 – $10.00 Data Discount for a whopping $40.00/month for both. Now I am Happy!

    As for not having the 4G on the first day.. I can wait…a couple of days or weeks… no big deal for my upgrade.

    Thank you Rogers…. no one can match what your giving me! 🙂

  • Shawn

    1. Apple should equip iPad tether to unbroken iPhone, just like any laptop.
    2. Rogers – we're paying for the freekin data, let us use it however we want…stop ripping us off!!

  • Mark

    Thanks Stephen, Great to share this with us.
    I will proceed in the same path.

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  • wongnog

    Rogers retention helped me switch out of the $40 value pack with 500mg data to the $20 visual voicemail value pack + the $30 6gb data pack. So for only $10 extra a month I get an extra 5.5gb data. So I'm a happy camper. Tethering with myfi to my wifi only iPad and loving it

  • Stephenh

    Let me know

  • Crazylegsmurphy

    I'm failing to see how this is sharing.

    I'm paying $20+/month in addition to my $30/month. This is not sharing, this is paying for data.

    If you recall, you can purchase 5 gigs of data on the iPad for $35/month, or 250 megs for $15/month.

    Am I the only one who thinks were getting screwed? I mean, if I were to pay $15/more a month I could have 6 gigs of data on my phone and 5 gigs on my iPad. If I get the add on, I'm paying $50+/month for 6 gigs of data.


    $50 – 6 Gigs
    $65 – 11 Gigs

    Seems like not a very awesome deal to me.

  • Jtmoney

    I wasn't able to to this special department to get haggle for a 10/mo plan… So I passed, $20 is ridiculas… That's practically paying double just to a device. Jailbreaking looks like the only viable option.

  • djepsilon

    Rogers reps have to freaking clue what they are doing. I called last Saturday to setup my data sharing. Lady on the phone told me extra $20.00/mo. I went to a Rogers store because I apparently needed a new micro SIM to share the data. They told, no it's actually only $10.00/mo to share data with the iPad. Called Rogers again to activate my new SIM (which isn't working so they told me to go to the Apple store to get my iPad looked at) and asked another lady how much iPad data sharing would be. She told me the cost was INCLUDED with my 6GB data plan (for $30.00/mo) and that it was $20/mo for all other data plans.

    What the hell are they smoking over there? I have no idea what I'll be charged next month…

  • djepsilon

    I was just told by a Rogers rep on the phone that if you have the 6GB plan, data sharing is included in the price. Not sure if this is true or not, but that's what she said.

  • wongnog

    I highly doubt that, Rogers would never give away something for free like that. Just another case of a Rogers CSR who doesn't know what he/she is talking about!!!

  • djepsilon

    Wow. I just confirmed with a Rogers retention rep who confirmed with their manager that iPad sharing is provided at no extra charge when you have the 6GB/mo iPhone deal…. Sweet! Here is hoping my next months bill reflects that!

  • Ex

    It won't.

  • djepsilon

    I don't know if I did anything special, but when I set mine up, they told me that data sharing was included in the $30/mo 6GB plan already… so… no extra charges to speak of! I got multiple reps to confirm this since I didn't believe them. I dunno we'll see once my bill comes…

  • Gowinone

    How do you go about setting up a shared plan. I have the 6GB option on my iphone 3g(upgrading to 4 in a couple of weeks). I have ipad 5 GB account that I activated from the ipad, didn’t see any options for sharing.


  • Avreaux

    Rogers money grab data-sharing option? $20/mo.

    Putting the iPhone SIM tray pin on your keychain? Priceless.

    For everything else, there’s WIFI.

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