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Rogers iPad LTE Data Plans to Support Personal Hotspot [Update]

by on March 8th, 2012

Yesterday we first told you about the pricing of the new iPad LTE data plans offered by Rogers, Bell, and Telus. We have received numerous emails from you about switching 3G iPad data plans to LTE, and how that will work. Others asked if these LTE data plans would support the new iPad tethering feature.

We reached out to Rogers and they have provided info to us that all of their tablet data plans are already LTE enabled. Also, their LTE iPad data plans will in fact support the new Personal Hotspot tethering feature, most likely at no additional cost (iPhone Personal Hotspot is free and enabled for data plans above 500MB). We have more info coming shortly.

We contacted Telus and they had this to say:

More information about the iPad will be available at launch. For now please contact Apple directly for any questions related to this product.

We are still waiting to hear back from Bell. Be sure to refresh this page as it will be updated throughout the day.

Update 1: Bell got back to us, read the update here.

Update 1: Here’s what Rogers told us about their iPad data plans

1.       Rogers LTE flex rate plans and data share plans will support tethering thus turning it into a hotspot.

2.       As for customers who are currently on 3G data plans  – They’ll need to speak to a rep about options for transferring to an LTE plan as each plan could have a different outcome based on the account details.

3.       Personal hotspot costs – tethering is included in the cost of the plans *edited* All data plans can tether regardless of data bucket size.

4.       On device plans are not LTE enabled.

5.       Existing iPhone users with the 6Gb/$30 plan should speak to a rep about sharing and pricing details as each account could vary.

Update 2: All data plans can tether, regardless of data bucket.

Thoughts? Questions?

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