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[Updated] Rogers iPad 2 Plans Announced

by on March 2nd, 2011

Update 1: Here’s the official internal screenshot (Thanks Billy!):

Rogers has just announced their data sharing plans for the iPad 2. Here they are:

This year, we will be extending our innovative data sharing plans to include the iPad 2. In a recent RedBoard post we explained how data sharing is an affordable way to share data across multiple devices. We will also continue to offer the same two data plan options for the iPad 2 – both of which are available without a term contract and include free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots:

250 MB for $15
5 GB for $35

Taxes are extra but there are no other charges.

As for sharing data from your 6GB/$30 data plan to your iPad, that will cost you an extra $30 per device. You would be better off using iOS 4.3’s Personal Hotspot feature, or MyWi via Cydia (jailbreak). No word on whether Rogers will be charging for Personal Hotspot.

Are you going to buy the iPad 2?

[Rogers Redboard]

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  • Pooya


  • I was leaning on not buying but since have stopped leaning and now drooling.
    I might wait and see if rumors are strong for ipad 3 this fall as I have the first one anyway.
    I would not buy Roger’s plan as I will not give Rogers another dime as my current iphone plan is expensive enough as it is and looking forward to the end so I can go someplace else!

  • Stephenh

    OK… so whats the deal here. I want to get an iPad 2 I have the ipad 1 and my wife wants it. I cannot see the Micro Sim, Card slot on the new ipad 2? Is it now carrier restricted in Canada? I purchased my ipad in the US last year with and ATT card so that I can use it in Canada and the US as I travel a lot. Now it seams that you can’t do this? I don’t want to be tied to a Rogers Data plan in the US… Its obscene LOL… Does anyone have details regarding the MicroSim card? Carrier dependent?

  • Anonymous

    you said: “Taxes are extra but there are no other charges.”

    however, I believe Rogers tacks on their “GRRF” which of course we all know is NOT a tax or government-mandated fee (in spite of the obviously deceptive name)

  • You might be looking at the CDMA (verizon) version in pictures. These would not have SIM cards. There are GSM (AT&T) versions that will have SIM slots. You will be able to buy the iPad 2 and bring it back from the US and put a Rogers SIM in it. They come carrier unlocked.

  • TeenWolf

    All iPads were sold factory unlocked. You can stick in any micro sim from any carrier. iPad 1 or iPad 2. Doesn’t matter

  • Mohammed

    Why would I pay $30 to share the same plan with my other device, while I can get 5Gb for $35

  • I don’t have any official information… But I think that it’s just a bad “writing” on apple’s website for Canada… Maybe just a bad copy/paste from the US website instead of writing a specific text for Canadians providers…

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