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Rogers Considering Multi-device Data Plans For iPad?

by on April 24th, 2010

Last week, Rogers indicated, or at least hinted, at having data plans ready for the iPad in late May 2010. Now, reports point to Rogers considering offers customers a single data plan that would allow them to use an iPad and another device, such as an iPhone, without the need of setting up a second data plan.

Apparently Rogers has been speaking with customers about an option that would allow two or more wireless devices on a single data plan. In other words, someone could have an iPhone and iPad sharing the same 1GB data plan.

At this time, Rogers has not released any specific data plan amounts or prices, but if such a data plan set up were to occur, users would most likely need at least 3GB or more of data to properly support both devices. Also note that Rogers does have the tendency to release their infamous $30 6GB data plan every summer.

If this single data plan set up went through, it would be a North American first. Carriers typically charge for two data plans for two devices and almost never allow users to share that single data plan between numerous devices.

This is also why I am extremely skeptical about this, as Rogers tends to have their eye on how much they can squeeze out of their customers instead of providing them with logical solutions such as a single data plan for two devices.

It will be interesting to see what occurs, but I am not going to hold my breath on this one.


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  • SteveHiggs

    It does feel extremely unlikely but at the same time I've been impressed recently with Rogers and their recent turn around providing free tethering etc. It would be such an awesome customer satisfaction boost if they did this in my opinion.

    I have been asking about this kind of deal for a while; A 6GB data plan would share great between my g/f's phone and mine. I would happily be signing up for more years in my contract if this sees the light of day.

  • Chris

    I would seriously think about getting the 3G iPad if this turns out to be true.

  • iVictoria

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Fido/Rogers have made device tethering a permanent term of their contracts for all users who have 1GB plans or greater. (Many of us have the famous 6GB plan for our iPhones which, if tethered to the iPad should do the trick.) I realize that Steve Jobs at one point (via iPhone e-mail no less) said that the iPad could not be tethered but has that turned out to be true? For those of you that already have the iPad, what is the truth about tethering the iPad? And if it cannot be tethered to an iPhone what about a jail broke iPad – can that be tethered to an iPhone?

  • Add into the mix the fact that we know that the new iPhones will be using the same microSIM cards that will be in the iPad 3G. Swapping the card between the two devices would be a no-brainer.

  • djepsilon

    Even if Rogers upped the charge to say $40-$45/6GB for both devices that would still be awesome!

    Come on Rogers, doooo da right ting. Beeeee a man!

  • djepsilon

    Even if Rogers upped the charge to say $40-$45/6GB for both devices that would still be awesome!

    Come on Rogers, doooo da right ting. Beeeee a man!

  • Wuju

    I use MyWi. The only disadvantage is it drains the iphone battery as it becomes a wifi hotspot for the iPad to connect to. Would love a bluetooth tethering to save battery if there is a solution for that.

  • P Hong

    Based on the connectors that I see on the IPAD , it is not possible to tether your IPHONE to the IPAD becasue you would need a cable that had two Apple connectors ( the wider end) on each end . The IPAD does not have a USB port so if they made a cord which had male ends(both Apple) , you could theoretically tether .
    We have had our IPAD on stand by for a week and it still has over 50% battery like remaining.


  • denisboisvert

    Hello. Found a tip to espace this inconvenient in case of Rogers does not allow to use our actual 6 gygs plan. I already bought a mini wireless router, which you hook a USB Stick, using myg sim card and Voilà ! AThis way I will be able to use anytime, any place my Wireless Ipad, even with a prepaid plan stick USB Modem as Virgin ou Bell. I forgot to mention that this mini-router work plug on outlet connection and battery power.
    Denis Boisvert, Gatineau, Québec.

  • denisboisvert

    Hi again guys,

    Foud another tip, using my mini wireless router (in which uou plug the USB modem from anay provider). This tip is ofr folks who don't have anay plan, don't plan to have one, or want to use a prepaid USB STICK or less, a Day data pass. You already know that Rogers and Fido offers the Data day pass. In my case, here what I did . For sure, you have to buy this mini-router and a USB Stick modem. But the two together are cheaper than purchasing a 3 years data plan. So, I use myg USB stick (bought without contract), plug it in the mini -router Ia was talking about, an use my SIM CARD from myg PREPAID phone (Rogers or Fido), So, when you connect, open the browser, you have the choice to get a DATA DAY TICKET dépendind if you want one gyg ou 50 megs. You can argue that the data day pass is expensice, ans I agree, but less cheaper if you use this way once in a while, lets say for a short ride. The other option would be to buy a USB STICK with a suscription, lets say 500 megs ou a prepaid USB MODE'M (Virgin seems to be the cheapest), and connect it in your mini-router, than wiressly to you Ipad or your IPOD TOUCH, what I am doing until the Ipad will come.

    And take it this way. Instead of spending 200$ for a 3G Ipad and get stuck with a provider, you spend the same amount for a mini-router and a USB Stick, and fromn there, you have option, to use for example, your prepaid sim card phone, or prepaid usb stick.

    Another good side. You plan to go to USA for a while? Personnaly I bought a USB Stick modem from Virgin last year, will plug it in my Mini-router, and I will be on wireless any place, even on the beach, and there you go. I am doing it using my Ipod touch and Later with the Ipad

    Hope these tips useful.

    Denis Boisvert
    Gatineau, Québec

  • The battery is pretty impressive. I never have to charge mine. When the 20% warning appears you know you're still good for a couple days!

  • Thanks for the great tip!!!

  • edlau

    I wouldn't hold my breath expecting this to happen. Given Rogers' business model and past experiences, this seems like it would be extremely unlikely and even if it were to happen, it would cost you more than a simple jailbreak on your iPhone and the $10 it costs for MyWi…and probably a spare battery for your iPhone too.

    Sure, there's the convenience but unless they're charging…oh…$40 for 6GB of data between the two devices, I doubt I'd go for it.

  • gordhutchinson

    I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks more a month to share my 6 GB plan between two devices. If I have to pay another $30, I'll be looking to a Myfi from Bell

  • lemon

    now ipad 3G is available! you can get yours!