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Rogers Considering Multi-device Data Plans For iPad?

by on April 24th, 2010

Last week, Rogers indicated, or at least hinted, at having data plans ready for the iPad in late May 2010. Now, reports point to Rogers considering offers customers a single data plan that would allow them to use an iPad and another device, such as an iPhone, without the need of setting up a second data plan.

Apparently Rogers has been speaking with customers about an option that would allow two or more wireless devices on a single data plan. In other words, someone could have an iPhone and iPad sharing the same 1GB data plan.

At this time, Rogers has not released any specific data plan amounts or prices, but if such a data plan set up were to occur, users would most likely need at least 3GB or more of data to properly support both devices. Also note that Rogers does have the tendency to release their infamous $30 6GB data plan every summer.

If this single data plan set up went through, it would be a North American first. Carriers typically charge for two data plans for two devices and almost never allow users to share that single data plan between numerous devices.

This is also why I am extremely skeptical about this, as Rogers tends to have their eye on how much they can squeeze out of their customers instead of providing them with logical solutions such as a single data plan for two devices.

It will be interesting to see what occurs, but I am not going to hold my breath on this one.


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